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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tron Night: The Tron Legacy Sneak Preview!

10.28.2010 - Just arrived from the spectacular preview which is TRON NIGHT, that was held at the IMAX Theater in SM Cinema North Edsa.

The event was greeted with a partial set up of the Tron universe.

The set up features two Light Cycles in both sides of the big IMAX Theater logo in the main entrance.
Jump after the cut...

The press media was fed with Peanut Butter and Jelly a new hip snack place also located in SM City North Edsa. There was program hosted by the student jocks of Mellow Touch 94.7 FM introducing the New System who performed with a dance number.

Screening was not announced until 8PM. Early upon arrival they handed out the disc shaped tickets similar to the disc weapon they use in the tournament in the movie.

Once they have announced that screening is about to begin in a few minutes, standing in line they handed out the 3D glasses and a couple of pins. They also handed out glow sticks just to get the feel that your about to view the world of Tron Legacy for the next 20 minutes.

But before they started showing the clip they had a mini-raffle, where winners took home some goodies. Actually its the same stuff they handed out upon entering the cinema. They are two pins but with a Baller ID that has a logo of Tron Legacy.

The viewing was quick but not to go through details the opening sequences has a welcome message from first-time director Joseph Kosinski giving us a twenty minute preview of Tron Legacy, which is divided in five selected scenes.

There are some quite surprising revelations that gives you the idea where this film picks up from the last film. Though not to spill out the beans all we can say is that the visual is stunning beyond comprehension. The only spoiler we can mutter out is that real world is the only thing that its not in 3D, but after that the world you thought is more complex than you ever imagined.

The music was "Derazzed" as Daft Punk delivered the score. The soundtrack is crisp and surround. From the Journey's "Separate Ways" to the Eurythmics
"Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" it brings you back to the 1980s nostalgia of the era where the first film was shown.

The reception was positive everyone expects to see this film, and most of the people where caught stuck wanting to see more. But its less than two months away before we actually to see this dazzling spectacle, and it didn't look like twenty minute preview as we indulge in the universe of Tron Legacy.

We can't wait to return to that world by December 17, 2010 distributed by Walt Disney Pictures and will be shown in Digital 3D™ and IMAX® 3D.

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