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Sunday, October 17, 2010

October Toy Fest 2010 Day One Coverage!

10.17.2010 - The best place to be on a weekend for those geekmatics out there. Octocber Toy Fest lived up to everyone's expectations.

Another Saturday fun filled geek-gasmic adventures have been fulfilled.

Good friends and fellow toys and comics collectors converged for this little fair.
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The event is currently happening right now at the Glorietta 5 in Ayala Mall situated in the heart of the main lobby, where that huge empty space is now collectibles haven. If you haven't been around these parts better check out it out. You might see something your looking for just better be armed with your pocket rocket loaded.

Yesterday was quite a good show though there where no cosplayers around, but we get to see the geeks go crazy. Timzster's newly acquired cowl and cape that was sold for PhP 700.00 pesos (roughly $14.00 US dollars). Not bad for a good time and for the upcoming Halloween this month.

Most must haves are up for grabs with the raffle they have set and Glen "Gsk1lls" Antonio almost won a Master of the Universe Classic Zodak, but he was somewhere when they picked up his name.

Ebonsaber's former office colleague Jei Toledo was stoked with the toys around. Plus friends Francis, Ricky, Ted, Darryl and the rest of the gang was around about getting their stuff in the comics bins for PhP 20.00 pesos ($0.40 cents) are quite bargain. The Hot Wheels sold are still PhP 60.00 ($1.20 US dollars), where also in abundance since these same sellers where at the recent Collecticon 2010 a couple of weeks back.

Overall the Saturday parade didn't dampen by the rain from outside as everyone was inside the cool Glorietta 5 area. There where people from the resident call center descending from above was wide awake to see a flock of mini toy fair that was as festive as if it was already December.

At the end of the day everyone just got their fill and went home happy. More happenings from the floor as Mark and Tim did a coverage just check the GeekMatic YouTube channel for all that madness.

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