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Monday, October 18, 2010

October Toy Fest 2010 Day Two Panorama View!

10.18.2010 - Capping off another successful event October Toy Fest closed with such flair.

There where a lot of "good buys" to choose from but you only need the ones that matter as budget is not within its reach.
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For the second day coverage there where no video footage taken as the coverage was done prominently on the first day, which was this recent Saturday. The clouds over the city still rained down but the parade still continues. Some of the sellers dropped price on some of their stuff, and there are some cool buys you thought was already gone from the first say.

For this coverage we give you a panorama view of the center area of the event itself. More photos was taken on the last day as we give you the view of what has transpired.

Just click the image view to enlarge.

Due to the success of the toy fair we might see more of this events organized by the same people, who came and brought us Collecticon and TAGCOM mini toy fairs to other malls. Though not as grand scale as Toy Con, which is approaching its 10th year by June 2011. It makes the difference that they held events to captivate people in their area. Its like they are bringing their event into your malls.

Surely we have been captivated and entertained by having this mini toy fairs, which is a definite good place for group meet-ups.

Until the next event then catch us to bring you more coverage only here at GeekMatic!

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