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Friday, November 26, 2010

McDonald's Happy Meal Toy Bazaar!

11.26.2010 - The Happy Meal has been part of McDonald’s originally it was made for children. But over the years the interest in the toys that came with the meal has become a collectible to some serious hobbyist.

It’s considered every kids want-to-order meal when dinning at McDonald's, because of the exclusive free toy that came with a meal. In the Philippines it’s slowly becoming the interest not for younger children but adults where most of them getting a complete set. Some sees it that like some other toys its collect ability has value.
The Happy Meal introduced in the Philippine 1997 has become a popular with some of the feature toys like the 101 Dalmatians, Walt Disney Plush characters, and some movie tie up. It was originally come with a ‘Happy Meal Box’ which was discontinued in 2004. These days you get them in a plastic bag no flair just the way it has become a common identity when purchasing Happy Meal toys in this country.

But what is starting to become a unique thing about Happy Meal is that most of the toys don’t regularly sell out. It really depends on the popular brand or featured toys that some are left as over stock. So what does McDonald’s do to clear out some of these toys? Simple they held a mini ‘Toy Bazaar’ in selected branches.

In other countries they may still have the ‘Happy Meal Box’, but in the Philippines they don’t have a Toy Bazaar where most of the unsold toys get sold for clearance. It’s a rare gesture for McDonald’s to do this as most you are not aware that in the US as one of the example that allows consumers to buy the toys without the need of getting a meal. Yes. For those who have not heard of this it is true, but in the Philippines the possibility of selling the toys without the need to purchase a meal would abuse the idea that there’s a Happy Meal.

But since that won’t happen here the Toy Bazaar is the next best thing most definitely for those who collect them and missed out the previous toys. They sell it in a promo when you buy 3 for PhP 100.00 pesos ($2.00 US dollars), which you get to choose any of the Meal toys available in their Toy Bazaar. But for a single piece you get it for PhP 35.00 pesos ($0.70 US Cents) without ordering a Happy Meal.

Some of the toys are from the previous releases like the Monsters Versus Aliens, Lil' Pet Shop or the recently released Air Toys which was only sold in Southeast Asian region particularly in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

Currently The Happy Meal Toy Bazaar can be found at the McDonald's selected branches like the one in SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City. So if you’re looking to complete a previous series and missing a Happy Meal toy this Toy Bazaar might have the one you’re looking for.

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