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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Doc and Marty return... in Back to the Future: The Game!

12.23.2010 - Great Scott! This is the game sound true to the movie Back to the Future and this aren’t the one you remember back in 1989.

Yes... The one that came out in that old NES know as the first Back to the Future videogame?
Jump after the cut...

I know one angry videogame reviewer went ballistic when he tried to play the game. Yeah the one Marty walked down the town trying to dodge swarms of bees and rolled bowling bowls on bad guys. You know that game which had nothing to do with the actual movie?!

Telltale Games is here to fix the past with the upcoming Back to the Future: The Game, a new adventure that is connected to the trilogy... Well sort of. Now available for you to get a cope and experience the game in Mac and PC. If you haven't had the idea where the story happens, this game picks up six months after the conclusions of the third BTTF movie.

Its set in multiple episodes over the coming months, where the game finds Marty rescuing Doc Brown in the past. This could be catastrophe but with the help of Doc's teenage self, this might be an interesting twist. No worries on how the adventure goes with regard to storyline was created in consultation with BTTF's co-creator Bob Gale.

Plus they got an awesome Michael J. Fox sound alike to voice Marty and, most radical, Christopher Lloyd returns as Doc Brown.

If you can't wait for the PS3 or iPad version to arrive in 2011 better get this game now!

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