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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Jollibee Kids Meal: Lalaloopsey & Future GPX Cyber Formula!

02.06.2014 - Jollibee the number 1 fast food chain the Philippines gets to release their own Kids Meal toys for the month of February with two licenses from popular doll series Lalaloopsey and 1990s anime series Future GPX Cyber Formula.

Two licensed brands that should be interesting for those who are into Jollibee’s Kids Meal. Lalaloopsey is the most popular among the two while the later is a classic anime.

Button eyed dolls known as Lalaloopsey has expanded its characters since it was launched in 2010 by MGA Entertainment. The toys where supported by a TV special and a series which started airing in Nick Jr.

The Kids Meal is basically an art kit that features Lalaloopsey images which is targeted for young girls for parents who wants their little ones to get started with art.

While Future GPX Cyber Formula was produced by Sunrise in Japan which is an anime series from 1991 that only have 37 episodes. A futuristic formula racing where the cars are equipped with computer support systems called ‘Cyber Systems.’ The short lived anime series expanded to four OVA (Original Video Animation)

If anyone familiar with the series it was aired in the Philippines in 2003 by Bandai, and there were merchandise released too. But jut like its original airing in Japan it was short lived but Jollibee released two vehicles from the show with their ripcord gimmick. Jollibee also released a different variation of Future GPX Cyber Formula in 2011.

Both Kids Meal toys are available which was already released at the start of the month until supplies lasts.

Jollibee Kids Meal toys are sold paired with Yum Burger, Spaghetti, and Chicekjoy meals. For more details about the Kids Meal LIKE Jollibee Philippines on Facebook and visit:

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