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Saturday, October 15, 2011

TMNT on Infestation 2 with Mark Torres!

10.15.2011 - If you haven’t blown away with the sheer robotic mayhem in the hit mini-series Undercity: Zombies VS. Robots then you must be in a treat to get a glimpse what Mark Torres is about to give you. Lately Mark is getting some cult following with his unique style of art when he took on Undercity.

The mini-series isn’t known Transformers meets Walking Dead, but definitely opened IDW’s doors to future projects which bring us to Infestation 2. The sequel to the company’s multi-crossover hit of 2010 which featured some notable comic books such as Ghostbusters, Transformers, and Star Trek to name a few who encountered some nasty zombie infestation.

This time with the announcement of IDW’s latest project INFESTATION 2, they made Mark Torres’ dream come true.

He is taking part on this event and this will be his first time handling a book on bout LOVECRAFT and the TMNT. This he had to say… “This can't get any bigger than this, elder gods squaring off against the heroes in a half shell. I've so much love for the TMNT property, specifically the original gritty Mirage days.”

Mark Torres is making it happen definitely and was very honored in for IDW Publishing and Nickelodeon for giving him this project. With the success of Undercity: Zombies VS Robots he’s all pumped up on this opportunity to have the chance to get his hand in taking on the characters he grew up watching on television.

The upcoming book will be written by uber talented writer/artist Tristan Jones (check out his Ghostbusters work), who also is a Mirage alumnus, so you know it's definitely going to be special.

For more details check out the official announcement from Newsrama.

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