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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Andrew Griffith kick starts Robots in Disguise!

02.09.2012 – Transformers: Robot in Disguise is the latest comic book after the The Chaos saga that ran through the previous series which “killed” Optimus Prime and re-started IDW Publishing’s Transformers in the comic book universe.
The first issue has been out since last month from under our noses we missed getting a hold of the copy but surely there’s another way through our local retail shop to get us an issue to catch up as issue #2 is about to be released very soon.

The comics continue its story after the division of factions of Autobots with “More Than Meets The Eye” released earlier and this first issue visuals is done by Andrew Griffith.

Imagine comparison with X-Men’s Schism divided to two groups and this is being told through two new series. In Robots in Disguise the team is led by Bumblebee which reminds us how this play out now that there’s two new books from IDW Publishing.

For now time will tell how this unfolds in the next few months for now Andrew Griffith of Glove Studious captivates us how with the upcoming issue of Robots in Disguise from our friends at IDW Publishing!

If you wish to help promote Robots in Disguise download the banners by Griffith!

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