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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Star Trek building sets coming in 2013 from Kre-O by Hasbro!

02.12.2012 – A few days ago we found about the upcoming Kre-O construction toys for Hasbro secured the rights to produce Star Trek play sets based from the movie that JJ Abrams had directed in 2009. What confused us in this news is that Hasbro mentioned in the press release that they had the rights to produce not only KREON sets but we might also see a full line of action figures.

There were no contradictory notes about it but wait and see as this new develops. This would be big for Hasbro with toylines that carry 1:18 scale or 3.75 inch action figures from G.I. Joe, Marvel and Star Wars.

Imagine how would this turn out if they did release Star Trek figures side by side with George Lucas’ science fiction adventure in Star Wars.

For now all we can be assured about is the construction toys by KRE-O will be churning out Star Trek related building sets. We can think of a lot of things and one of them is the USS Enterprise and some space station were the starship docks in.

KRE-O is the LEGO building sets manufactured by Oxford the Korean toy brand for Hasbro. The toy manufacturer is unknown outside Korea until they teamed up with international brand in Hasbro to bring their own Transformers building sets in 2011 at the height of the third installment of the live action movie.

It’s great to hear about this besides that they are releasing sets also based from the live-action film in Battleship. But that’s another story to tell for now this is something Trekkies will savor in the months to come when it rolls out in 2013.

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