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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Diablo III Epic Philippine Press Launch!

Via Geekmatic correspondent Timzster's own blog, here is an account of what transpired during the Diablo III press launch!

Today will forever be a day of infamy for gamers worldwide... For Diablo III has finally arrived, and adventure begins anew!

Held today, May 15, at the National Sports Grill in Greenbelt 3, bloggers and press alike covered the official Philippine press launch of the much anticipated role playing game "Diablo III"! IP E-Games, together with Blizzard Entertainment Inc., team up and bring together gamers, journalists, and enthusiasts alike as the stage is set for a gaming experience like no other!

As an action role-playing game that takes place in the fictional dark world of Sanctuary, Diablo 3 charges players with the task of taking control of one of five classes - Barbarian, Witch Doctor, Wizard, Monk, and Demon Hunter, each equipped with their own unique special abilities and powers. As they engage in a journey like no other, they will engage with ferocious monsters and terrible demons, all in an epic adventure that is literally years in the making!

Diablo III: What Is Diablo III? Trailer

Beginning at noon time, E-Games began the press launch by welcoming guests and presenting a special video message direct from CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment Mike Morhaime, who went on to express and share his excitement for the much awaited release of Diablo III. It's been 15 years since the release of the last installment "Diablo II", and nothing has generated as much hype or enthusiasm, truly making Diablo III a milestone for dedicated gamers to behold! The presentation then went to introduce video diaries of each of the five character classes that are the cornerstones of this game, and the audience witnessed how these character types differed from the other and played according their own skill sets and abilities.

The press launch was also presided by the E-Games staff, who were gracious enough to answer inquiries via a Q&A session that addressed most concerns about playing Diablo III.

The celebration capped off with a nice mini-cosplay session, followed by a special Diablo III treat for those in attendance! For more information, visit Blizzard's official Diablo III website and E-Games official Diablo III portal!

Diablo III has finally arrived and is now available in video game stores worldwide!

*Originally posted by Timzster

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