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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Secret Fresh Unveils The "Emotional Landscape" Exhibit!

06.24.2012 – Last night Whoop a local street artist unveiled his second Solo Exhibit at the 2nd level of the Secret Fresh store with his Kooklooklan exclusive toy. This time the theme for his exhibit is “Emotional Landscape” which features some of his fresh and colorful creations.

This also features his artwork in The Floater, The Crawler and The Sinker currently on display at the Secret Fresh Gallery where his huge sculpture in “Melted Dreams” as its centerpiece that you might be interested in owning.

Emotional Landscape explores the unexplored terrain of the human emotion and its struggle to cope with the rising tide of globalization, social media and environmental decline. It’s an eye opener for those who are used to traditional art but if you take a closer look it’s a refreshing sight and to the mind as well.

Whoop’s thought provoking creations are rarely seen in the mainstream scene but when you take a look at each of the art pieces it gives you a sense of calm with those detailed brush strokes and soft signature colors. Definitely its imaginary landscape reflect more on the artist’s personal experience longing for lost childhood, the emptiness of unrequited love and eventually, the ecstasy of self-redemption.

This completes the exhibit as a whole and explains some of the prevalent anxieties and aspirations of his generation which comes out itself on the series of paintings, installations and sculptures which is on exhibit for next two to three weeks.

For more inquiries drop by Secret Fresh at the Ronac Art Center located at 424 Ortigas Avenue, Greenhills North San Juan 1502 Manila, Philippines.

You can also LIKE the Secret Fresh Facebook Page for updates and announcements.

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