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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Geekology101 by Jay Tablante Finally Launched!

10.20.2012 – Geekology101 photo book launch was received with great praise and for Jay Tablante is a dream come true that began some two years ago. The members of Philippine X-Men Cosplay Team were present to show their support to what Jay Tablante has contributed to the community.

The launch was also graced by Alodia Gosiengfiao and Barbie Forteza as both girls where Jay’s models in the book. Also present are his photographer friends in Aly Reyes who happens to dress up as Indiana Jones and Winston Baltasar as Professor Xavier.

The event of course is hosted by radio DJ Jinri Park of Monster Radio RX93.1 who came dolled up as Gogo Yubari from Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill. The photo book launch held a mini-cosplay completion and raffling off some cool prizes for those early birds who got the chance to be the first people to have their book signed by Jay Tablante.

Alodia, Jinri, and Barbie all three also appeared in the photo book that were happy for Jay Tablante to finally have his dream come true making this reality. Miguel Ramos of National Bookstore was also present taking photos of the event who was one of his close friends who supported this project.

We also spoke with Jinri Park who was Jay’s first well known personality who dressed up and she claims that most people mistaken her as a cosplayer. But she said it was her first time to “cosplay” as Psylocke when Jay convinced her to do a shoot. Jinri’s testimony about Jay being a perfectionist which was a challenge for her to bring Psylocke to life having no cosplay experience.

Jinri Park said that after the Psylocke image came out online she immediately had a cult following and she thanked Jay Tablante for expanding her market through this medium.

Thus her first book “The Jinri Experience” was released a few months back that really helped her career. Jinri mentioned also future collaborations with Jay Tablante where she mentioned dressing up as Voltes V’s pilot in Jamie Robinson (Megumi Oka in the original dubbed animation) and as Wolverine’s nemesis in Lady Deathstryke. There was also a third one that she wants to keep it as a surprise and Jinri advised to keep a look out for that one.

For Jay after the finally announcing the mini-cosplay winners he and Jinri had a Q & A portion where a couple of fans asked questions from who will be his next model to shoot which he mentioned hoping to get actor Dingdong Dantes to dress up as X-Men’s Cyclops. He also answered his most difficult shoot he had with Alodia as Phoenix which was the main poster image in promoting the book.

Jay Tablante said there are more projects to come but he doesn’t know if there’s going to be a Geekology 102 as putting up the first book was challenging enough. But we won’t know for sure but for a geek like Jay if you put your heart and focus to a project it can happen and that’s a testimony in the success of this book.

Geekology101 is sold in all National Bookstore branches for PhP 345.00 pesos and all proceeds of this book is going to Operation Smile care of Canon's Print for Smiles program.

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