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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Nerd Docs at Midnight Market in Cubao X!

12.16.2012 – Nerd Docs takes the geek culture promoting original designs based from pop culture inspirations. They first appeared in the recent BLTXXX where they started selling their flagship Darth Vader doctor shirt that also brought a slew of slogans for you to wear.

They are also the same company behind Dark Bulb comics’ Shatter Space which first debut in the recent Komikon 2012. Nerd Docs continue to come re-invent their designs featuring the famous Vader Doctors that definitely caught a lot of attention on their first launch.

Last night it’s their first market expo at Cubao X which also have other sellers who has been thriving online. Nerd Docs not only sell shirts and comics but also limited jewellery inspired from LEGO bricks> that are not made of plastic material but sort of stainless steel. Its only sold through Nerd Docs as this might not be available elsewhere..

If you haven’t seen their shirt designs and other interesting clothing wear check out the photos taken during the night at Cubao X…

Nerd Docs clothing wear is the next best thing for you to check their designs and you might like to give it a as Christmas present this holiday season.

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