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Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Hobbit: An Eventful Journey Reviewed!

12.15.2012 – The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey made its initial run of exclusive by invite screenings the past couple of days prior to the December 13, 2012 opening.

The last special screening was for the press media we get the chance to see the film as Warner Bros. last premiere for 2012.

The event features the Tolkien Society group as well as foreign visitors representing the New Zealand Embassy.

There are also other guests that night that also have Hi-5 performers as well as New Zealand Air who recently had launch their safety guidance “The Hobbit” theme which features director Peter Jackson in a cameo appearance.

There were two types of movie formats that Warner Bros. will be releasing on the regular screen date. The HFR 3D (High Frame Rate) and the standard format that was available the following said date. There was no 9-minute “Star Trek Into Darkness” teaser scene as in the Philippine the said film is being distributed by a different outfit so after the announcement that this will be Warner Bros. last special screening for this year and some trivia contest they jumped in to start the movie.

For those impatient to read the book and have seen the movie past few days no need to reveal much of the spoilers as we’re looking here to share you about the technical side. There were no trailers shown as above mentioned and the film was immediately shown after a short but entertaining program.

There was a bridge of scenes that connects to Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring that you’ll find it interesting they shot just to get “the feel” that we returned to Bag End where it all began. They definitely keep things in proper perspective that you didn’t left and that made this film consistently connected to what we have seen first in 2001.

The make-up and the cinematography being an Academy awardee is top calibre and from where it began things flowed smoothly as the story go. For the next two hours and forty three minutes you’ll get transported to Middle-Earth through the eyes of Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf the Grey and the thirteen elves that you can’t keep up remembering their names. Of course some women are already swooning at Kili, Fili, and Thorin Oakenshield after seeing the film which up to this day has been the most talked about dwarves in the pack.

Look for Gandalf the Grey for more scenes compared to all Lord of the Rings Trilogy combined. As his presences was never missed in this film that definitely very much entertaining to watch. Sir Ian McKellen is like visiting an old friend back in this role.

There were a lot of new and old faces mixing up in the film but definitely a rollercoaster ride of action, suspense, drama, and a little bit of comedy has definitely put everyone in their perspectives. Peter Jackson weaves a visually stimulating film that he even denied not doing it again. As they say never say never on your last three and here goes another set of films that made him a sought after director.

Overall The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is not hard to understand it was originally written for children but due to its dark scenes there’s a certain age limit which needs some parental guidance. But not as dark as the LOTR Trilogy it’s still acceptable. Given rating this film five out five stars and we clamour for more in the next one in “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

The film will still be shown during the Holiday week exclusively on IMAX cinemas. If you plan to catch this as an alternative to see versus the Philippines’ annual MMFF (Metro Manila Film Festival) were all movies shown during the duration of the week is Filipino related movies leading to Christmas Day towards the end of the year. Try to see it as worth the action and the adventure you’ll definitely get a second serving!

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