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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sights & Highlights: BLTXXX Event Coverage!

12.08.2012 – BLTXXX (Better Living Through Xeroxography) on its third semi-annual event was held at Illyong’s Restaurant Bar somewhere in Cubao. The small press of indie komiks where present and the crowd did came in droves to support this one day mini expo.

It features some prominent artists who have been present during the Komikon events led by Michael David (Kubori Kikiam), Aj Bernardo & Noel Pascual (Crime Fighting Call Center Agents), and Renaissance Man Rommel Estanislao (Bruho Barbero).

Other notables who was present in the event are Macoy, QBCCC, Rob, Hub Pacheco, Teddy Pavon, Mica Agregado, Silentsanctumanga Ssm Famile, Norby Ela, Alan Navarra, UP Grail, the Youth & Beauty Brigade, High Chair + Hal, RadikalChick, Angelo Suarez, Tapat Journal, Rai Cruz and Caviti Collective, Bliss Market, 98B, The Cabinet, Mountain Cloud, Moar Books, Makoy Dakuykoy, Komikasi, Aaron Tepace & Emman Centeno, Hannah Puyat Cadre and Dark Bulb Art which launched the Shatter Space comics during Komikon 2012 last October 27, 2012.

The first 100 attendees get FREE beer and that’s something you don’t see in a komiks related event anywhere. You’ll see something that mainstream can’t offer which is a different kind of underground movement that doesn't feature superhero comics.

It also has passionate individuals who released their own book books compiling prose, poems, and anything that suits your fancy. BLTXXX a small press expo has given this event a freedom of expression that basically like a political party and secluded below the mainstream that might not be your typical comics convention but definitely cultivates talents that brings the best of their craft.

Last night’s event has no exception feel free to express your creativity is what the event’s unofficial mission. You’ll see something fresh and new that some who has delved into too much popular material won’t easily conprehend it.

But if you look back during the time of the great depression of the 1930s comics was different until everything was changed when a guy dressed in red and blue paved the way for what comic books are today. BLTXXX is almost similar to that but still different and non-traditional that there is no standard procedure for you to follow but mostly DIY (Do-It-Yourself) creation.

It’s something that needs time for you to put your head wrapped into it but definitely worth checking it out and see what you might find interesting. There were other things sold in this event that includes CDs, homemade postcards, pastries and shirts that was designed using an iPad.

The beer was free flowing (to the first 100 customers) if you were an early bird arriving before everything got sold out and cleared for a new group of people selling new material. There was no end to the celebration to the point everyone has set up a karaoke for everyone to participate until 3AM.

Thanks and congratulations to Adam David who was the coordinator for the komiks section with Josel Nicolas and Patrick Rawwrr Enrique for making BTLXXX something differently unique in bringing fresh from everyone's perspective.

BLTXXX (BLTXXX (Better Living Through Xeroxography) is a semi-annual event held at a secluded venue somewhere Cubao in Quezon City. For more details of this event LIKE BLTXXX on Facebook!

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