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Friday, December 21, 2012

Toy Review: Hero's Duty Ralph!

12.21.2012 – Wreck-It Ralph has smashed through the box office and the height of the animated feature also produced merchandise not to mention action figures! When the toys first came out nobody took interest until there were empty shelves of soft plush versions of Ralph & one lonely Fix-It Felix Jr. the film.

Thinking Toy the same manufacturer for bringing authentic Toy Story figures based from the actual animated feature film was also behind the release of Wreck-It Ralph action figures.

But they only released a few characters that defined the movie most notably Ralph himself. The Wreck-It Ralph action figures only came out with three figures for the 8” inch size which are Fix-It Felix Jr., Wall Smashing Ralph, and Hero’s Duty Ralph which honestly did not include Sergeant Calhoun which was one of the pivotal characters in the said film.

Vanellope von Schweetz and the other Sugar Rush characters where released in a separate toy line to appeal with the female fans which also feature two sets of sizes. The racing sets would definitely be in scale with the Wreck-It Ralph 8” inch figures. While there is other merchandise that was released by Thinking Toy the action figures are the ones that definitely got sold out.

Hero’s Duty Ralph is one figure everyone is in the look for since its detailed appearance definitely scored a lot of fans and collectors acquiring this version. The packaging is rather bulky and space consuming to keep Ralph in pristine MoC (Mint on Card) but depends if you have the toy shelf to store him.

The card back follows the color scheme of the film’s logo and poster with digital squares of red and white that mostly forms the grid from the Wreck-It Ralph videogame. At the back of the card reveals the product’s action poses as well as description in detail. This also have a photo of the entire toy line which mostly three figures.

Ralph himself is wired to the inner tray that holds the figure and like any bulky character they tied both arms to keep it from falling off once you open him out of the packaging.

What in everyone’s thought remind of Ralph? Possibly if you’re watching Transformers Prime you’d notice Bulkhead but rather a green looking Autobot Ralph can pass up as his brother from another mother in black colors.

The figure stands without falling off due to its rotund size. The appearance and the legs are rather short which is just right being proportion when he wears that Hero’s Duty uniform. The rifle however is rather big or is it out of scale? But definitely makes it exaggerated since he comes from another game that does not carry guns rather he’ll do the smashing as what he does best.

Ralph in actual action figure appearance is not as detailed unlike he was in Hero’s Duty but close enough to make details of his suit more appealing. Of course aside from his huge laser rifle that has a firing action when you push the barrel when you press the hammer down he also comes with the coveted “Hero Medal” to prove that as antagonist he can be a good guy too. The medal is removable and detailed enough that Thinking Toy did not use plastic lace for the medal but an actual blue ribbon that’s close to its big screen appearance.

If you put it side by side with Jazware’s Sonic the Hedge Hog both characters can blend in but Hero’s Duty Ralph appears a little undersized. But these are enough to reimagine the animated encounter in the film with Sega’s flagship character.

The action figure is articulated with Ralph having shoulder, wrist, and elbow joints plus his shoulder pads are movable too for him to put his arms up. The legs are articulated given that he’s has put a lot of weight in his mass they get limited in running poses but he has knee and foot joints though he does not have a waist articulation.

This is the only Wreck-It Ralph figure that does not have an action feature compared to the Wall Smashing Ralph or even Fix-It Felix Jr. where Hero’s Duty Ralph having the rifle accessory incorporate that firing action.

Overall Hero’s Duty Ralph may have some flaws with limited articulation but good enough being the standard action figure without having the action feature. Besides that the detail having the removable medal and the rifle with firing action makes it the most sought after figure in the three that was released by Thinking Toy.

Wreck-It Ralph is now showing in Singapore and for those who have seen the film should pick this figure.

Hero’s Duty Ralph from the Wreck-It Ralph action figures is retailed at PhP 899.75 pesos and its being distributed in the Philippines by Richwell Trading Corporation.

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