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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Random Things at the Block Market!

03.09.2013 – Art can be anything and it can be random how the artist expresses his/her personal reflection. There are different thoughts conveyed by unique individuals who just want to let out for the world to see. It can be anything from a simple thought to layers of personal tragedy.

The Block Market launch is what you call random expression of individuals who just want to share their thoughts from their personal experience. Some might be “random fun” or it could be layers of things we don’t actually see just a piece of the surface that lets us interpret them through our means of clarity.

The SDFK is a multidisciplinary group of artists whose practice consists primarily of graffiti are the masters of their own random creation and each thought is brought to life at the art launch dubbed “The Block Market.”

This 2 week exhibition of the group might be offending to some conservative and might poison the young mind. But this is for your personal discretion as we’re not held responsible for the images you are about to see. These are individual artistic impressions from the members of SDFK and they don’t cater to the young audience as we speak.

So the images taken earlier is unexpected as they are actually on exhibit and these are not intended as respect the rights of the artists as well as the viewers who would stumble upon these…

The Block Market featuring SDFK is a two week exhibit at the Vinyl on Vinyl Art Gallery located at The Collective.

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