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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sights & Highlights: Dexter Soy's Superior Signing!

04.07.2013 – Dexter Soy broke into the international comic book industry that was featured in online new sites being Marvel’s newest discovery. His first work for the house ideas gave him Carol Danvers as the newest Captain Marvel.

This featured Dexter, his debut comic book signing in 2012 and as one of the primary guest artist in Komikon 2012 in October. Soy humbly says he used to visit Komikon at the old venue in UP Bahay ng Alumni now he’s one of the best to represent the country.

Dexter Soy’s work in Captain Marvel lasted less than seven issues but produced a cult following even before he landed the job. He used to do commission art until his work has been shared through social media that caught CB Cebulski’s attention and the rest asyou all know is history.

The quiet and humble artist has been residing in the province of Pampanga and rarely will you see him in the big city traveling. But for this occasion he spent the whole weekend appearing in two comic book signings to promote his latest one-shot work for Superior Spider-Man a tie-up for the Age of Ultron as the special issue #6AU. This is the first time he held a comic book signing for Comic Odyssey.

It was held at the Comic Odyssey branch in Fully Booked where regular fans who attend the previous artist signings are present to support Dexter Soy and have his sketch art.

Of course what events likes this would ever have besides the signings but also raffle giveaways featuring an art page reproduction of Superior Spider-Man #6AU and a special full body sketch of the web slinger

If you missed the event check out the set of photos taken from earlier coverage that has fans supporting for Dexter Soy!

Superior Spider-Man Age of Ultron #6AU cover price at PhP 150.00 pesos and its available at all local shops in Metro Manila.

Get your copy and for more comic book titles LIKE Comic Odyssey on Facebook!

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