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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Daredevil #26: Man With Fear!

05.25.2013 – How do you beat anticipation? How about trying to be a blind man like Daredevil? What about hunger? Too many questions in every issue since Marvel rebooted the series you got more questions. There are a lot to know but simple things just can’t be given directly to you.

Mark Waid and Chris Samnee have taken you to a long journey that produced an Eisner Awarding team winning for Best Continuing Series. The journey celebrates its simple anniversary with issue #26 and with that comes a revelation.

What does it takes to soothe the hunger to follow a monthly comic book? A great story and awesome art work together like good chemistry.

Daredevil is certainly getting the accolades it deserve with the present creative that made this book a must read. Putting Matt Murdock in a thick of things with a sick minded adversary who knows his every move must be out of the ordinary.

It’s rare that you’d see a book that carries enough weight to shift it to a different realm where the character must push his limits of what he knows through the adversities that he must face and this is truly a remarkable adventure you’ll come to appreciate. Though the series in no heavy hitter it has put enough cult interest wanting to know where Waid and Samnee can take us further.

The amount of detail has put this comic book in some collective consciousness that it’s making your radar senses probe for more viable detail how this will turn out. For some odd issues ago this was set in place and this issue is the ice breaker that makes it more thrilling to dare with the devil himself.

The formula that made Mark Waid and Chris Samnee got the Eisner Award for this book can truly be the icing in their cakes. The structure and lettering down to the quality of art brings the action in full force.

It builds up to a bigger narrative that for a new reader to catch up you don’t need to dig up 20 issues ago would still reader friendly. As all the piece fall into their right place this sure keeps the heat up as it gives you revelations that would truly get you back wanting for issue #27 next month.

If “awesome” is such an overused word it’s way beyond that kind of feel once you close in and find that it has come down to this. The art team of Chris Samnee and Javier Rodriguez certainly make this book quite fresh and it’s worth an extra-size issue.

The back-up story featuring Foggy Nelson learns the importance in believing in something which is inspiring and it does happen in real life. It’s all of the above reason why Daredevil #26 is a must have on your pull-list.

Dare you say need to get this book because it’s one the best “sleeper hits” in this medium you would rarely see on a monthly basis.

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