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Friday, May 24, 2013

TMNT 2012 Basic: Leonardo!

05.24.2013 – There are super teams and then we have the heroes in the half shells. For every group or a team there’s one leader. Optimus Prime to the Autobots, then we have Duke in G.I. Joe, Lion-O in Thundercats, and here we have Leonardo from Nickelodeon’s latest hit with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Previously Raphael the Sai wielding bad turtle of the group gets featured with all the fine details of the action figure from Playmates Toys. Now take a look at the fearless Samurai slicing leader of the ninja turtles!

Leonardo shortly called Leo is the team leader and like all the teams he’s as popular as his other three brothers. Mostly he and Raphael get to be sold out first because of the characters role in the hit cartoon series. Just like all the latest figures from the first wave has a generic colored blistered card packaging.

Similar to the other turtles comes their extra weapons with April O’ Neil having her set of these extra goodies brings back the old school figures from 1988. Leo has an extra-long sword which is slightly bigger than the two samurai swords that are free from the plastic tree that can be stored at the sword sheaths located at back of the figure. The other extras include ninja stars and throwing knives.

The latest TMNT figures carry the traditional layout at the back of the blister packaging featuring character bios and the other figures sold in the first wave. It’s interesting that the latest iteration of the characters have greatly improved in design and quality.

Leo just like the other turtles 3D design is based on the animated cartoon series. This time they have wraps on their feet, elbows, and arms that makes it more like they’re bruised up in a way being beaten by the bad guys doesn’t look like “too clean.” The figure when you open it up is tied down with plastic wires and just like any basic toy from this line has product catalogs featuring the play sets and upcoming wave of figures that appeared in the succeeding episodes.

The basic figures of Leo have the details showing he has scars and scratches in his shell which defined the difference from the other turtles. The skin tone can be noticed if you have another turtle to compare it.

Last year the figures first came out in North America and had been reviewed by those who got them first.. Most of their feedback with the design is still lack of articulation compared to the classics version that are bigger than the current ones which is based from the 1988 release that was made for adult collectors.

Overall Leonardo is a character of his own and his distinct color that includes the facial sculpt is a dead-on to his personality as the leader of the turtles. He’s one of the two turtles that get immediately sold in stores and definitely the one you should pick up first if you’re starting your own collection.

The TMNT Basic action figures is manufactured by Playmates Toys and local distributed in the Philippines by Europlay Distributor Co. with a retail priced at PhP 499.75 pesos!

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