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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Post - Zombie Apocalyptic World War Z Review!

06.19.2013 – If you’re in to the Zombie themes and has read Max Brooks original 2006 novel then you must be anticipating the much long awaited film. For anyone who has heard or have seen the teaser trailers it will definitely make you wonder if it happens in the real world.

From the screenplay of Matthew Michael Carnahan, Drew Goddard, and Damon Lindelof they definitely pull out and a well-crafted script that gives you some acting from the talents most notably Brad Pitt.

The opening sequence without giving out the details of the film will really give you the shivers. The story Matthew Michael Carnahan and J. Michael Straczynski tie up altogether what you’ll see in this film.

If you’re going to skip reading the novel and only going after how the zombie apocalypses take over the world by now you have an idea how that runs to your head after seeing the trailers. It’s a global scale of epic proportions that define this genre how you survive this kind of annihilation of the human race.

The pacing keeps you moving more focused on Brad Pitt’s character in Gerry Lane who portrays it quite remarkable being an a-list star in the lead role as well as one of the producers of the film under his Plan B Entertainment who won the bidding to secure the rights in bringing it in the big screen.

If you have seen zombies from previous film and television this cast of undead is quite unique from the ones you have seen. The chaos and the original leading characters in the film are these creatures they literally make you want to jump out of your seat.

The madness can be seen in the destruction of a civilization and it’s quite convincing how they translated these creatures from the novel to that big screen. Max Brooks himself was quite impressed about how Straczynski tie up the story into an epic zombie fest that brings the action and survivor genre up a notch.

Overall World War Z would give you the curiosity and the anticipation that makes Zombie apocalypse themes become quite popular. But honestly you got to know how to survive to live through this film.

The first thing you got to know in able to actually survive a zombie apocalypse is cook and eating out won’t even help. But seriously if you’re not a fan of 3D and zombies jumping in the screen then try the affordable 2D it will give you the same experience that makes these movies entertaining.

Then again you need to read Max Brooks’ The Zombie Survival Guide to get to know how to get through this which was actually the prequel of the novel. The film would change the way you see about their version of the zombies and they are not slow.

World War Z opens in Philippine cinemas today June 19, 2013 available in 3D & 2D theaters from Paramount Pictures to be distributed by Solar Entertainment!

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