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Monday, June 3, 2013

Sighted: Thundercats on Clearance!

06.03.2013 – It’s been clearance for the past months that started with the basic figures which was originally retailed at PhP 599.75 pesos. The four inch figures from the very first wave with the exception of Lion-O went down to PhP 300.00 pesos late last year.

Now that Warner Bros. Animation has officially canceled the new series which lasted 26 episodes for one season leaving a cliffhanger that revealed much more potential for the show. The toys by Bandai didn't took off as what you’d expect but fans of the classic series was hoping the release of the original cartoon characters would expand.

The big news for those holding up on the Thundercats line that the price drop for the basic figures are now at PhP 300.00 pesos including Lion-O but Mumm-Ra and the Wiley Kittens have been set to a lower clearance at PhP 200.00 which has been disappearing in the shelves lately.

The 6 inch versions of the new Thundercats are at PhP 500.00 pesos and it’s unfortunate that some of the second wave figures did not make its Philippine release as evident the previous reports last year.

This goes the same with the 8 inch Classic Thundercats that has Lion-O and Tigra that was supposed to include Mumm-Ra which are now going for PhP 600.00 pesos.

As for the vehicles the Thundertank (PhP 1,000 pesos) and Tower of Omens (PhP 1,500.00) has been on clearance as early as this year. The role playing toys like the Sword of Omens can be something worth picking now that it’s at PhP 700.00 pesos.

But surely there are still a lot of people holding off until another set of price drop would definitely clear off the `Cats out of the toy shelves in a few months when toy warehouse starts opening its doors. Right now the big news is the bigger figures has caught up with the marked down which has started to pick up interest.

Unfortunately some figures, vehicles and role play toys didn’t make it that was only on display at last year’s Toy Kingdom Toy Expo 2012 that definitely would be something for long time Thundercats fans would be completing.

Thundercats was originally released to coincide with the new animated series which was manufactured by Bandai. It’s locally distributed by Ban Kee Trading and for more Bandai products LIKE Latest Toys from Ban Kee on Facebook!

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