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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Toy Expo 2012: Bandai Headlines Ben 10, Gundam, Thundercats & More!

08.23.2012 – Bankee Trading has pull out all the stops in presenting their Bandai booth featuring products from Ben 10, Gundam, Power Rangers and the Thundercats toy lines. There are also interactive areas featuring Ben 10 and Thundercats role playing toys.

The center piece upon entering the Bandai booth welcomes you to the Power Rangers line featuring the Super Samurai toy line including the upcoming releases from action figures to Megazords.

The preview night gives us some glimpse of the hard to find US release figures. Glass displays also include a display of the vehicles as well as the role play toys.

The Ben 10 Series has been one of the Cartoon Network originals which continue to re-invents itself now with the latest Ben 10 Omniverse. New set of aliens and that cool all-new Omnitrix, the device which enables Ben Tennyson to change into 10 of the aliens is on display. Some of the toys can only be seen here at the Toy Expo.

The much talked about Thundercats series has been put on hiatus with regard to its future as the series recently wrapped up in the US and currently being aired on Cartoon Network Philippines. Previously some of the toys that never came out on retail were featured hoping they make its domestic release and this is the first time you see all the figures and vehicles on display at Toy Expo.

Thundercats is one of the original series from the 1980s that had a remake that was produced by Warner Bros. Animation aired on Cartoon Network in 2011 which brought back interest in the franchise. The first season has long ended a couple months now but the interest of the series never ended there as speculations of the series would still get a green light for a second season.

Some of the featured action figures thought never made it to the Philippines are now on display for you to get a sneak peek at the Bandai booth.

Gundam will always be the backbone of Bandai’s products since the series was introduced in the late 1970s and it has spawned other robot related “mecha” science fiction. The interest in model kit building in the Philippines is a lost art in other countries.

Bankee Trading pushes the interest in encouraging young minds to take up the challenge to build their own Gundam model kit and that’s where they promote events related to the hobby. But for those who are not into model kits there are also Gundam action figures too.

The experience dropping by the Bandai booth at the Toy Expo would certainly be interesting for the young boys and also the big kids who collect either the Power Rangers or Thundercats toy line. Expect more fun in the next few days you might meet the Power Rangers in person in this event.

Bandai is distributed by Ban Kee Trading in the Philippines and for more details of their products LIKE their Official Facebook Page and follow them on Twitter: @BankeeToys

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