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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kickstarer Campaign from Robert Xavier Burden!

06.04.2013 – Robert Xavier Burden has started painting in 2006 and what inspired to take up this hobby is through his childhood toys that he grew up with.

When he started this journey he has wowed several people from all walks of life.

He grew up watching He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Thundercats, Batman, and Transformers. But the biggest inspiration that pushed his passion for oil paintings is Star Wars.

Every kid who would grow up has great affinity for the galaxy from far away and Robert needs your help. Ten days ago Robert has posted a campaign on and from those who has showed their interest for him to paint two iconic elements from Star Wars (Its one character and one vehicle) depending on the final votes that is currently being tallied to determine who and what he will be painting is up to you.

Of course for those who won’t be able to pledge he still needs your help and support to cast your vote which character or vehicle that you might have in mind. But if you haven’t been to here’s message from Robert Xavier Burden himself…

Robert Xavier Burden already has previous one-man solo exhibits in the bay area and continues to inspire those who have seen his works.

LIKE Robert Burden Art Page on Facebook for more of his previous and upcoming works!

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