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Friday, August 2, 2013

Avengers A.I. #1: Harder. Better. Faster. Stranger.

08.02.2013 – The changes that happened after the events of Age of Ultron 10# and followed by #10 AI in re-introducing Hank Pym in the modern times is shaking up to bring you the first issue of Avengers A.I. It’s spearheaded by Avengers’ founding member in Hank Pym best known as Ant-Man.

The size changing hero also known as Giant Man, Goliath, and Yellowjacket is all about artificial intelligence and teaming up with Vision, Victor Mancha, Monica Chang, and re-programmed Doombot looks mighty interesting.

If you missed out what happened after Age of Ultron #10 AI maybe you should go back and read about the aftermath and the re-telling of Hank Pym’s past. The new series has added a new Avengers team consists of machines. The premise obviously has Artificial Intelligence written all over it.

This reintroduced SHEILD Agent Monica Change which by some knows who she was in the Ultimate Universe as the second Black Widow. But in Earth-616 she’s a SHIELD Agent who enlists Hank Pym to handle the threat that involves his expertise.

Then you have The Vision an android originally created by Ultron and member of the Avengers. The new team has former Runaways’ Victor Mancha a cyborg created from the DNA of a human named Marianella Mancha also by Ultron. So evidently Vision and Victor may sound like they are related as siblings. Rounding up the team would you be surprise is a reprogrammed Doombot.

In the last page of Age of Ultron 10 AI you see Hank Pym carefully hold the head of a damaged Doombot. For those who have not heard of Dr. Doom he never appear most of the time when battling the Fantastic Four he has an army of Doombots and one of these units is now a member of the new team in the Avengers A.I.

The dialogue was great the banter between Chang and Pym makes a good odd couple with less good cop/bad cop routine. Hank Pym being one of the intelligent minds in the Marvel Universe is getting build up to be relevant once again.

After Hank Pym’s triumph can tragedy be next that will result the destruction of the human race? The unfathomable Pandora’s Box of destruction has unleashed certainly there’s no better team to handle the job than Avengers A.I. which still leaves the question who is the mysterious woman repeating the phrase “Dimitrios is coming!”

Overall great first issue story by Sam Humphries and artist Andre Lima Araujo. Every first issue needs to come up strong with the story and Hank Pym’s triumph over Ultron’s destruction was definitely a “sure win” for the character to be relevant again.

It leaves you a choice to either pick up the book or just wait for the compiled graphic novel but then again for anyone who is a fan of Hank Pym this is where you can find him.

Second issue is coming out next week and this series either kills it or another series dud.

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