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Thursday, August 1, 2013

New Thundercats: Mumm-Ra! (4" Inch Scale Series)

08.01.2013 – Mumm-Ra is one of those memorable villains in cartoon that could have been more known if it not for the series cancellation in mid-2012. The new Thundercats offered more about Mumm-Ra than he was portrayed in the original 1985 cartoon.

The new series was purely unrelated to the classic it gives you an idea that this mummy is not from Third Earth. The original action figure that was manufactured by LJN have the mummy version available through mail away where you collect the UPC purchase that you need to send in acquiring this most feared creature.

What separates Mumm-Ra from Skeletor is that he looks weak but as they say “little things comes in small packages” which gave the Thundercats a handful of problems in dealing this evil incarnate.

Bandai acquired the rights to produce the new Thundercats sometime in 2010 which revealed modern versions of the classic characters and one of them are Mumm-Ra in his mummy form. Much like the classic they retain most of his “weak appearance” with more articulation and it would be great to see the interior of his pyramid reproduced if not for the series cancellation they might have expanded the toys too.

The action figure have been reviewed several times and at some point ridiculed for its simpler design. Currently Mumm-Ra is on clearance sale in some parts of Asia along with WilyKit and WilyKat in the Philippines he’s going for PhP 200.00 pesos ($4.60 US).

They are disappearing fast some of the action figures are slowly disappearing in the pegs. The second wave of figures didn’t arrive until late in 2012 where some thought to be available only in the US arrived. Mumm-Ra is part of the first wave of new Thundercats figure which was not as attractive as his original form.

Mumm-Ra’s “mummy mode” has little to offer having his own “claw shield” and “the sword Plun-Darr” which he can hold through excess tabs on his palm.

The “claw shield” can have the sword stored underneath similar to Lion-O’s but does not have a longer version which is included in the powered version of Mumm-Ra which comes in the Deluxe version and the 6” version which more in scale with the smaller figures since he’s actually huge but missing the “bat wings” to make him more scarier.

Like all the New Thundercats figures they have magnets at their back which activates a certain feature either vehicle or playset that was released.

This version does not fit with Storm Charger vehicle that comes with the same figure minus having the plastic cloak removable as that particular figure is a solid piece. But some reviews reveal that the single card figure can fit in. The Storm Charger itself did not make it on retail in some parts of Asia notably the Philippines which were only displayed during Toy Kingdom’s Toy Expo 2012.

Overall Mumm-Ra’s depowered version would be one of the figures you should own aside from his true form. Unlike Monstar from the Silverhawks (another classic from 1980s) who had his action figure by Kenner (which was bought by Hasbro in early 2000) with a built flip head gimmick which you don’t need to get him separately.

Mumm-Ra is like the wicked witch in those fairytale stories much like the one that gave Snow White the red apple that killed here but this one turns into a humongous monster of evil that will definitely a must want as the reflection of the character’s weak side.

Manufactured by Bandai Mumm-Ra 4” basic action figure is currently on clearance along with the other New Thundercats assortment locally distributed by Ban Kee Trading Corp.

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