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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Halloween ComicFest 2013 Details & Guests!

10.13.2013 – The 2nd annual Halloween ComicFest is just thirteen days to go and the build-up to this year is bigger now that Comic Odyssey collaborates with Fully Booked the same team who has brought to you this year’s successful Free Comic Book Day.

Last year was an intimate event dedicated to the kids who went to Comic Odyssey’s store at the basement level of Robinsons Galleria. The event will have a Halloween costume contest but among those activities the free comic books are the main attraction that everyone will be lining up…

The kids would love this not only for the annual Halloween celebration trick or treating with candies but also the comic books that will be given away at the Fully Booked branch at the Bonifacio High Street branch in Taguig.

Just like as mentioned about regarding its inaccuracy in space there’s no For the full details and frequently asked questions of the mechanics about getting the free comics about and the event by Full Booked read all about it HERE!

Comic Odyssey will be partnering with Fully Booked and for their end there will be local comic book artists who will be present for this occasion check out the details below (Click the image to Enlarge) on who’s coming to greet you at the 4th level of the store:

If you haven’t got any idea which titles that Fully Booked will be giving away at this year’s Halloween Comic Fest? Check out the list below:

Batman Lil’ Gotham #1 Special Edition
Batman The Long Halloween #1 Special Edition
Cartoon Network Super Sampler
Miss Perergrines Home For Peculiar Children
Skyward Into The Grim
Sonic The Hedgehog Lost World
Souldfire Genesis
Thor God of Thunder #1
Ultimate Spider-Man Adventures #1
Adventure Time Mini-Comic
Archies Pals and Gals Mini-Comic
Ben10 Omniverse Mini-Comic
Itty Bitty Hellboy Mini-Comic
My Little Pony Mini Comic
Pantalones TX Zombinata Mini-Comic
Sesame Street Mini-Comic
Sketch Monsters Mini-Comic
Super Dinosaur Mini-Comic
Vamplets The Legend of the Ghost Pony Mini-Comic
Zombie Kid Diaries Walking Dad Mini-Comic

Halloween ComicFest happens during the last Saturday of October and this will be a second time Comic Odyssey is celebrating this event and a first with Fully Booked.

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