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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Crossing Mediums from "Komiks" to Pop Art.

10.06.2013 – The resurgence of Philippine “komiks” is undeniable and continues to capture inspiration that breeds new talents. In this growing community comic books is still considered a child’s reading material.

But for the middle class it’s a potential marketing vehicle for something big. In reality it’s tough to break into the comics industry unless you have the right connections which have the right people to guide you to land in a career like well-known artists have thread.

The Filipinos have an abundance of talented artists but sometimes “komiks” is not the only place to expand your horizon. With the advent of intellectual property meaning your creation not only exists in comic books but also in videogames or even in fine art.

There’s a lot places to go and it’s a fact that current artist crossing over from “komiks” to urban art and back sees success than just staying in one medium. Some sees the community of urban art is not fully explored only a few would appreciate the concept but as the great Steve Jobs says 'You've got to find what you love,' he added 'Stay Focus, Stay Foolish. '

Recently artists Rob Cham, Nelz Yumul and Josel Nicolas have their works featured in Vinyl on Vinyl’s art gallery on exhibit that was launched last Saturday. Rob Cham’s second mini-solo show titled “Headspace” was greeted with a huge enthusiasm. The same goes to Nelz Yumul and Josel Nicolas as part of the MultiPlay art launch that was decked with a videogame set up as part of the main theme of the gallery. These artists have been known in the realms of independent “komiks” community that you see in the annual Komikon but you’ll be surprised how they expanded their talent not limited to just making stories from photocopied paper.

Nelz Yumul known to be inspired by Dave McKean has outgrown that shadow who has become the co-founder of WeeWillDoodle doing corporate work that involves his passion to draw that pays him at the same time enjoy the fun of making great art.

Josel Nicolas who has his comic books sold during last year’s BLTXXX crossing over expanding his talent to higher ground but still not forgets his beginning acknowledges the fact that he’s not limited to what he can do. The same story with Cham and Yumul who have cooked up some surprises in the upcoming 9th Annual Komikon on November 16 and have more plans for more of their work to expand.

This means there’s life beyond just making “komiks” and would you believe Nelz Yumul with the collaboration from his wife will have his first ever vinyl toy figurine? That’s a step to the changes in the medium. If he can make his work jump off the pages why can’t you do it too?

The question is confidence on how you would risk accepting failures and success. Sometimes it doesn't work but what if it does show how you are passionate about your craft not because there’s money in it.

The idea why these fine gentlemen make things happen is not because of making it into business. You got to have the courage and confidence to do things surpassing the impossible. They did surpass it but remains grounded never to forget their beginnings. Rob Cham is getting accolades having a way to market his work with creative ways and it’s a tough act to follow but with sheer motivation you’ll definitely have it.

It comes down to having an originality to get noticed and the way these artists are getting the attention in this kind of setting opens doors to new ventures. DC and Marvel used to exist only in comic books now they are crossing into animation, movies, and television series that gives them more life for the fans to enjoy the characters they have created that changed the American popular culture.

The same thing happens to Cham, Nicolas and Yumul they are making their works not only seen in “komiks” but also in other medium that have their art featured in art galleries some might not have not visited but it sure gives them the chance to expand and be noticed. The people from the “komiks” community should explore this kind of life outside the medium being resurrected. It helps both communities and expands to let the artists experiment.

JP Cuison was the first few “komiks” people who did it and he’s set to have his own solo show on October 9, 2013 at Pocket Universe Art Gallery. From Mighty T to doing a movie poster for former Eraserheads frontman Ely Buendia’s first independent film as co-producer and director in “Bang Bang Alley” who knows who will be the next artist to expand his or her craft.

We're sure you also heard about JoMike Tejido who used to do comic strips about insect and bugs. He’s painting now and having a huge following with his Foldabots not to mention his first vinyl figurine that had a show last year also at Vinyl on Vinyl.

There will be names that would come up again for sure in the possible future but for now be inspired by these people that “komiks” will be around who would nurture talent. The next logical idea right now is expand in different mediums. The urban art is the next best thing that nobody have seen maybe it’s time to visit this realm and be inspired.

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