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Friday, November 1, 2013

Post Coverage: Halloween ComicFest!

My Baby Sister Isay in her Iron Man Shawarma shirt from The Perfect White Shirt - (which is my birthday gift to her by the way) with Batgirl. 

Hey guys! My baby sister Isay will be guest blogging with us. She's the real comic geek in the family and she went to Fully Book's Halloween ComicFest. Paul and I had a Baptism/First Birthday to go to. So without further adieu - here is Isay's first and hopefully not last post with us. :) 

(As I was writing this, I'm listening to my nerdcore songs: X-Women, 616, Magneto was Right, Comic Shop, Nerrd Lines, Marvel vs. DC, and a whole lot more. J )

It was definitely a fun treat to drop by at Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street Branch for Halloween Comicfest. Being one of the many individuals who braved the heat last Free Comic Book Day, I was expecting a very long line of comic book enthusiasts going around High Street. But when we came to the store (at exactly 10 am), the line was surprisingly shorter, and went around the front of the store, not like the line last May 4th.

We saw friends, families, and individuals of different ages waiting in line for their chance to get free comic books. There were also grown-ups in costume, like Kick-Ass and a casual Robin. There were little kids with their parents in superhero costumes who looked so adorable, and grandmas standing in line with their grandchildren. The weather was cool, making the wait comfortable, unlike the glaring sun that melted us away last Free Comic Book Day.

Free Comic Books during Halloween ComicFest 

While in line, it was nice to be able to talk about comics with people who actually understand what you’re talking about. Falling into easy conversation, we didn’t even notice the line and before we knew it, we were already inside the store. We were led to the table with the vast array of comics that we could choose from. On one table were the comics from American publishers, such as DC and Marvel, with a wide variety of comics for children too. On the second table were the manga issues, like back issues of Shonen Jump.

Colored spread from Shonen Jump. 
Each person could choose 3 comics from either table. Unlike their protocol last Free Comic Book Day, we were given the comics without a choice to the issues that we wanted. So I sort of panicked in front of the table, not knowing what to choose. In the end, I went for Batman: Long Halloween, Batman : Lil’ Gotham and an issue of Shonen Jump. Fortunately, my friend was nice enough to lend me his copy of Marvel’s offering, the first issue of Thor: God of Thunder. (which I was really thankful for because it was colored by my idol, Dean White <3)

Aside from the table with the free comics, there were also tables around them with graphic novels of up to 50% off. From DC to Marvel, to Image and Vertigo, whether thick or thin, it was a beautiful collection of books at half the price. But our search for a nice deal had to be set aside for later, because we decided to go up to the fourth floor and visit Comic Odyssey for the latest releases. There was also a book signing of local artists and writers right outside the store. Fans were all lined up for the chance to get to meet and greet their favorite comic book creators.

Two shades of the Caped Crusader. Above a page from Lil' Gotham that features Chibi Batman and Robin and Below the good old Batman in a centerfold action scene with Catwoman. 

Entering Comic Odyssey was crazy because there were a lot of people there. They were all looking through the different issues, whether old or new. They had back issues for P100 and the latest issues-- even the ones released that week! The store owners (sales people haha di ko mahanap yung term) were all very helpful, even chatting up some of the customers. Unfortunately, they were sold out on the issue that I wanted. (Batwoman 24-- which I actually told the writer about. I thought he’d like to know that J) ) So I left the store empty-handed.

Since my friend didn’t really see anything he liked upstairs, we went back to the discounted tables to find more comic books to take home. Finally, I saw this 500+ page compilation of World’s Finest--- an incredibly hilarious team-up series of Batman and Superman back in the 50s and 60s--- and knew that I just had to have it. (And at 50% off!)

Compilation of 1950's Batman and Superman comics which my sister got at 50% off! They still wore their underwear outside. 

While waiting for my friend to get his own comic book, an adorable girl in a Minion costume gave me a Wafu bar. I wasn’t sure if she worked in Fully Booked, but I appreciate the wafer. There was also a Gonuts Donuts booth giving away treats. And a cute Batgirl was walking around, bringing in the Halloween spirit. (I heard from my friend that it was Superman in the Katipunan branch.) And since I was donning my Batwoman-inspired hair, I knew that I had to have a picture with her. So after my friend got his comic book loot, I asked him to snap a picture of the two of us, serving as a beautiful ending to a wonderful and fulfilling Halloween Comicfest. Thank you Fully Booked, Comic Odyssey, DC, Marvel, Image, Vertigo, Dark Horse and all the companies and people who made Halloween Comicfest possible. Thank you for the early birthday gift and ‘til next year! 

By Ica Cheng

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