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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sights & Highlights: Halloween Comic Fest 2013!

10.27.2013 – Halloween Comic Fest in the Philippines was received by parents, kids, and young adults who would dress up standing in line to get their free comic books. The events are organized by Comic Odyssey and Fully Booked.

There were reports that people stood in line as early as Friday night at 11 PM. But there was no official confirmation that there was as compared to last summer’s Free Comic Books Day. The event is more organized now that regular customers of Comic Odyssey don’t need to stand in line to get their free comic books.

This is the second time Comic Odyssey held Halloween Comic Fest but this time partnered with Fully Booked which was more targeted to children who went in their Halloween costumes who received candies and donuts.

There were more titles that was released this compared to the first ever Halloween Comic Fest 2012. The event also has local comic book artists from Frances Lumen III and Visprint publications that were making cover sketch art for as low as PhP 200.00 pesos ($4.65 US Dollars) up to PhP 500.00 pesos ($11.62 US Dollars). But this also depends on the characters that are being drawn.

Fully Booked handed out the comic books with Comic Odyssey giving away extra titles not on the list like Shonen Jump and Yu Gi Oh books. This includes some candies and Go Nuts Donuts sponsored limited Halloween themed donuts for kids.

Comic Odyssey has back issues for PhP 100.00 pesos ($2.32 US Dollars) while Fully Booked had 20% off on graphic novels. If you came late in the past 10 AM and didn’t see what were the titles and stuff that was being given away check out the coverage…

Halloween Comic Fest is an annual event held every last Saturday of November and this the second time it was held in the Philippines by Comic Odyssey and Fully Booked. For full coverage and upcoming events LIKE Halloween Comic Fest Asia on Facebook and follow on Twitter: @HalloweenComicA

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