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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Lumpen Culturati: Mike Atienza on "Sink" by Isabel Yap!

11.28.2013 – Lumpen Culturati is a popular culture and personal bog by Carljoe Javier the writer behind the books “And the Geek Shall Inherit the Earth”, “Geek Tragedies”, “The Kobayashi Maru of Love” and “The Pop Criticultural Infindibulator.”

He also writes reviews for movies, television, and all other things related to popular culture that you might find it interesting and unique. He’s also a professor at one of the Philippines’ well-known Universities and has recent fond interest for Blue Bustamante

Carljoe has started reviving his blog through a podcast for Lumpen Culturati after he caught an interesting idea. This is when he was part of the “Usapang Komiks” segment with other local creators talking about Filipino comic books during the Poptastik Pinoy event by the Philippine International Literary Festival a few weeks back.

This is the pilot episode of Lumpen Culturati in podcast form and for those into anything popular culture Carljoe will have featured guests on his show. For the debut of this podcast he has Mikey Atienza on “Sink” by Isabel, which is part of a book compilation featured on “The Best Philippine Speculative Fiction 2005-2010.”

If you are interested to hear about the discussions between Carljoe and Isabel listen to the podcast now…

Lumpen Culturati is a new podcast talk show hosted by CarlJoe Javier and it’s uploaded at SoundCloud. You can also get more details about the podcast at:

Carljoe is not a mutant Cthulu. He just wants you think that HE is.

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