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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Movie Review: The Grave Bandits!

11.05.2013 – The Grave Bandits is a surprising Filipino independent film which was originally first shown in December 18, 2012. Though it never had much promotion but there was a cult following for this film.

The special screening last night featured the lead actors and was greeted with positive reception for its well-crafted film which was written, produced and directed by Tyrone Anceirto who’s been known in the indie film community.

This might be one of the few Filipino made films to tackle supernatural with zombies as your main antagonist. So what’s the role of the Grave Bandits role in this film? They basically got entangled in the place that they should not be there. It’s something new to the local viewers who mostly have enough zombies on television (The Walking Dead) and recent foreign films (World War Z).

But this is something new about zombies embedded in Filipino folklore that might make a lot of sense. Story-wise at first it would appear the premise of the Grave Bandits is centralized on the young delinquent grave robbers but there’s something more.

This also an action film avoiding spoiler how things went around quite less looking like made by an amateur. The dialogue was great from the beginning but it got a little “iffy” towards the closing scenes. But overall it was done great with it production most definitely getting credit for the make up on the creatures is close enough to match the ones from Hollywood.

It takes you in a wild ride of chase scenes to sequences that doesn’t let you get lost or wandered off how they got there. The Grave Bandits had some great scenes and the visuals were greatly played its way to the story.

Overall the Grave Bandits scored some potential future sequel graded with a B+ for its interesting twist and plot.

Its worthy being one of the few Filipino-made Zombie films that made sense and something fans that are into the adventure-horror genre can give this film a chance to be heard. If you haven’t seen this new type of zombie maybe you’re in for a surprise.

“The Grave Bandits” opening in selected SM Cinemas on November 6, 2013. Fore mo details LIKE The Grave Bandits on Facebook!

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