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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tron: Legacy Toys Not Available in the Philippines!

11.03.2011 – Tron: Legacy the hit sequel to the 1980s original film by Disney has leaped and made it famous once again. The release of the film last December 2010 was clearly capped the year to end the best movies.

To support the film there were several merchandises that were released namely action figures from Spin Masters. The toys released in the Philippines didn’t get off the shelves due to limited releases for Asia Pacific and Australia.

Until now it’s not getting enough attention as it collect dusts in some Toys R’ Us, Toy Kingdom outlet or department stores we are not aware of its location.

Mostly all the Tron: Legacy toys that came outside the United States are from Wave One. You’d be surprised what else was out there aside from the basic Core figures with the Light Cycles and Light Runner.

The Light Jets

The chase scene near the climatic back battle between Clu with Sam Flynn, Quorra and Kevin Flynn provided us some Star Wars-esque X-Wing versus Tie Fighter sequences in the form of the Light Jets.

Clu’s henchmen along with Rinzler had their type of One-Man Light Jets. These are the same wave class as the Light Cycles and Light Runner with a non-poseable Black Guard.

Pretty decent and they didn’t make it in the Philippines. The biggest of them all would be a personal favorite for ANY Tron fans out there which is the 3-Man Light Jet that carried Sam Flynn, Quorra and Kevin with working lights and sound.

How awesome is this cool Light Jet that is closely accurate to its big screen version. Unfortunately just like the One-Man Light Jet it did not make it to the Philippine stores. The most you can find these vehicles are on ebay. If the Light Cycles and Quorra’s Light Runner was something to behold but after seeing this online the Light Jets are something worth getting.

Rare Core Figures

Speaking of Quorra you’d be surprised. There’s figures aside from Sam and Kevin Flynn along with the Black Guard, Rinzler and Clu that was only available in the Philippines. There was actually Jarvis, Quorra and the ultra-rare Castor which was only available in Hong Kong. This was manufactured to the point you’ll be paying more since Castor was 300 pieces only as discussed in the fan forums.

The story is that Spin Master pulled the plug on the release of the Wave Two series and making Castor one of the hard to find figures out there right now. Good thing there was no figures made for the Daft Punk DJs for the 4-inch scale or someone’s going to get seriously crazy not getting them.

The Tron: Legacy toys by Spin Master have made it to the pop culture mainstream. It’s unfortunate that they discontinued the toy line which they could have capitalized in releasing the classic vehicles and figures for the modern times.

For now the sequels to Legacy is in the works and let’s hope they get it all this time.

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