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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Movie Review: Frozen!

11.21.2013 – Walt Disney has been captivating audiences with their classic animation. It has become part of their DNA in bringing high quality entertainment.

It’s been years since Hans Christian Andersen’s “Snow Queen” have been planned to be animated. Finally Disney has got it right this time with Frozen which won’t be in cinemas until Thanks Giving in the US.

There has already been early screenings to test the viewers what they think and mostly the reaction is overwhelming positive.

First and foremost it’s a computer animated musical fantasy-comedy film and it is the 53rd animated feature in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series. There have been ups and down with the previous films that came before, but for Frozen they thawed and warm up to everyone’s viewing pleasure.

But before you see the newly-minted Disney Animated Classic you get to see Mickey, Minnie, Horace Horsecollar and Clarabelle Cow battle Peg-Leg Pete in this black-and-white/color 3D hand-drawn and computer animated musical short film, Get A Horse!

This short film is produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. The short features archival voice recordings of Walt Disney as Mickey Mouse, It is the first original Mickey Mouse theatrical animated short since 1995's Runaway Brain, and coincides with the Mickey Mouse character's 85th birthday.

It’s concept of combining black-and-white hand-drawn animation against a colored 3D and computer animation is something entertainingly fresh to the perspective. They brought back the old dusted it off as a new material.

The main film was something unexpected as Frozen the best Walt Disney Animated Classic that can’t be compared to Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast or The Lion King. Frozen stands on its own with a joyful glee that the young generation would truly appreciate. It has some surprising twist that has been a formula that previous film like Tangled had flourished.

Every Walt Disney Animated Classic have great backdrop and the visuals continue to improve. Every time they put out a new animation there is something new about it. The little details make these films special.

For Frozen it’s the texture of the human skin and the facial expressions. The way Elsa moves is so human-like no longer inhibited by mere computer graphic. The wave of Anna’s hair or how Olaf appears to be soft and plump as a real snowman is believable to see on screen even without the need to watch it on 3D.

The dialogue and the way the film played out is remarkable that Walt Disney has a come a long way to finding ways to improve whenever there’s a new iteration of animated films that was already inspired from previous existing stores.

There’s no need to say anymore but hands down to how great Frozen has become and early reviews can attest that it’s the animated film with good timing especially on Thanks Giving Day when it gets shown.

Overall it’s a joyous entertaining animated film that you’ll never notice how quick it entertains you at the same time give a visual that’s unforgettable. Olaf voiced by Josh Gad is every bit entertaining and darn funny to a “T.”

Frozen earns an A+ grade for such a great film you should watch on November 27, 2013 either on 3D or 2D cinemas. It doesn’t matter which format either way it’s the most entertaining animated film Walt Disney has put out this year.

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