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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tron Legacy Core Figure: Sam Flynn!

12.16.2010 - What a better way to take part of Tron: Legacy experience by showing one appreciation for the film itself.

Clearly there a few of us who would remember the original 1982 film, and certainly there are some who are just riding its popularity.
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Clearly those days when seeing the first film on Betamax wasn't that bad, but watching it now campy comes to mind how different the film had evolved. Of course technology was way ahead of its time when it came out.

Everyone would like to get the feel of The Grid and back then merchadise was a bit scarce unlike now. Today almost every movie, animation or videogame has a merchandise to support the property. Tron: Legacy had a lot of merchandise out there, and recall on Tron Night there where posters that was given to every viewer in the US. Lately Tron was also available in fashion when VANS came out with an exclusive pair of shoes.

Through countless merchandising the toys are at the forefront to support this film. Spin Master had release a couple of action figures, and vehicles as well as playset for those, who wants to re-imagine the world of Tron.

Of course we won't miss out acquiring an action figure in G.I. Joe scale (1:18 or 3.75 inch), and Sam Flynn is one such character that we got for you to get a closer look.

Packaging is great carded with little information at the back due to bilingual of information, that this product is not only catered in the US but internationally. At the front you'll see Sam Flynn tucked inside, where there's an open hole to TRY ME for the light up feature.

Opening the figure you see small accessories, that came with Sam Flynn namely the disc and the baton. There's a small peg in his right leg where you can attach the baton. Unfortunately the disc can be attached at the back, where the button for the light up feature is located. The paint quality is not that good, but it will do as some would customize to correct the blue highlights in his body.

Articulation is quite superb but there's no waste movement, since they have to sacrifice it for the light up feature. The head sculpt doesn't exactly look like Garett Hedlund, who plays Sam Flynn. During SDCC 2010 the actor received a limited edition 12 inch figure that has his exact likeness.

The accessories like the disc would be cool if they made way for it to be attachable in its back. This also comes with a figure stand for a good display on your desk, but Sam lacks something to make you like this figure.

Overall its cool to see Spin Master to produce a 1:18 scale Tron action figure, but would be great if they included Quorra too? Or Castor... Or event the Sirens girls?

For PhP 499.75 pesos (Roughly $10.00 US) your paying for the light up feature. But if your not entirely a fan who just like the movie, we suggest you wait for the clearance sale in the next six or eight months. I'm sure you'll get these half the price the same way the A-Team toys had experience, but if you compare these Tron figures with G.I. Joe surely they will fit in nicely with your Star Wars collection battling for shelf space.

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