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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Happy Meal Spotlight: Beware The Batman!

12.19.2013 – Beware The Batman is McDonald’s Philippines Happy Meal for December 2013. It was accompanied by Sketcher’s Twinkle Toes light-up sneaker danglers. But most of the promotion was dominated by Beware the Batman collectibles.

Originally when it was launched in the US it released five items with the exception of Batman in an action pose shooting a projectile weapon. McDonald’s Asia has a maximum of 8 toys to release each month with the exception of the Minions & Smurf

This is the reason why Sketcher’s Twinkle Toes only released three light-up sneaker danglers. Beware the Batman was highly favored to collect for the boys and leaving only half of the Twinkle Toes which was originally released with six in the US.

Beware the Batman is the latest CG animated series that was first aired sometime in 2013 as part of the DC Nation block for Cartoon Network.

As of this writing the show is on its 11h episode and the second animation from DC Entertainment using CG after one-season wonder Green Lantern: The Animated Series which was cancelled in the US early this year.

There are composed of five Beware the Batman items to complete in the set and here are the collectibles:


The only role-play item in the bunch that doesn’t exactly look like Batman’s cowl, but rather a fashionable eyewear without the glasses. It fits perfectly to kids and most adults who would find this interesting as part of your work-in-progress Halloween costume for next year or for the hipsters who wants to be the Dark Knight.

But overall it’s the most “fun” role-play to be Batman, and this doesn’t disappoint to be something everyone would have a good time wearing it. For women it might look like its better suited to be Catwoman’s mask.


Beware it’s the Batman! You could never have enough versions of the cape crusader as a Happy Meal toy. Batman is ready for action by moving his leg close together where he throws a quick punch on the bad guys.

He looks goofy looking cape crusader and already in his action pose. His action gimmick functions with a spring in his waist that lets him do that punching. The cape appears to be swinging to his body once he performs that move.


When you open this up assembly is required to put together four pieces including Batman. He appears to be “flying” with his cape made less plastic and mostly advised to be played outdoors. The gimmick is you throw him in an open area and watch him go.

You need a bigger space to truly appreciate having Batman fly as it’s made for the outdoors and not your office or anything enclosed. Definitely you’ll have lots of fun watching him fly in the park.


Batman’s iconic arsenal to fighting crime or just bragging to women that “chicks dig the car,” But not really the Batmobile you expected to be. Looks can be deceiving in its aerodynamic design and all of its details appear menacing. But the truth is it doesn’t look like the Batmobile you saw in the “Beware the Batman.”

The wheels are molded to the body making it appear like its entirely static, but you got to understand this is a Happy Meal toy. They have limitations in budget when they came through in developing this toy, and underneath that cool looking exterior is the pullback action lacking front wheels.


In all the Beware the Batman toys this one gets to be sold out immediately for its simplicity and its appearance is just plain simple. You press down his cape and watch him rip through a smooth surface.

The batcycle is next to Batman’s batmobile getting him through tight spots, and if you have been watching Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises it was vehicle that comes through for the cape crusader. You’ll have hours of fun just watch Batman roll on your office table during your coffee break.


Overall Beware the Batman have the coolest concepts like having seen him fly or ride the batcycle for hours of fun. It’s now available at McDonald’s Happy Meal where supply lasts and highly suggest to get the Caped Crusading Batcycle first at its immediately gets sold out due to its fun factor.

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