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Friday, February 28, 2014

HW Workshop 191 of 250: Herbie The Love Bug!

02.28.2014 – Herbie: The Love Bug has been an iconic character that was first introduced in 1968 with its first film titled “The Love Bug” which stars Dean Jones and Buddy Hackett. An anthropomorphic 1963 Volkswagen Beetle with a life of its own.

There have been five films and one made for television that expands the stories about Herbie. The most recent one is Herbie Fully Loaded which was shown in 2005. There has been several versions of Herbie as die-cast cars and Hot Wheels released one for 2014...

The latest iteration of Herbie is based from the Hot Wheels Volkswagen Beetle that was released in 1989 which is designed by Larry Wood. Herbie’s appearance is based from the 1968 film, but due to that this VW Bug is not exactly the 1963 model the difference can be seen immediately.

Originally the real 1963 VW Bug that was used in The Love Bug has its own story. Herbie’s trademark “53” racing number was inspired from retired Los Angeles Dodgers baseball player Don Drysdale. The producer Bill Walsh was a big fan of Drysdale that he chose the number for Herbie. Another story which established Herbie’s origins is how the car got his name.

This is from Buddy Hackett’s character Tennessee Steinmetz (roommate of Jim Douglas portrayed by Dean Jones in The Love Bug) shares that his uncle Herb, a boxer whose broken nose greatly resembled the hood of a Volkswagen Beetle.

The Hot Wheels version is more like from the 2005 film Herbie Fully Loaded which stars Lindsey Lohan that appears more of the racing car that competed in the NASCAR. The tires are wider and the rear part of the VW Bug is not leveled with the front car. This VW Bug is painted in pearl white with red and blue racing stripes. But unlike the movie counterpart it doesn’t have the sunroof.

Herbie: The Love Bug part of the 2014 Hot Wheels line up of die-cast cars and known as Volkswagen Beetle with “The Love Bug” stamped on of the card. The art from the card doesn’t match what the actual product is packaged into. You’ll immediately see this on the display racks as one of the most known cars in popular culture.

Its part of the HW Workshop sub set designated “HW All Stars” at the back of the card. There are no more details unlike the ones released in the US as this is packaged in the international card that don’t have much details. Not all Herbie VW Bugs are perfect as some you might encounter having painted smudges from its racing stripe.

Overall Herbie is as iconic as any popular cars that Hot Wheels released for 2014 and one of the most sought after for its pop culture nature.

Hot Wheels is retailed in the Philippines for PhP 99.75 pesos which are locally distributed by Rich Prime. This was acquired at Big W in Adelaide South Australia for $ 2.20 AU Dollars.

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