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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Iron Fist is the Living Weapon!

04.16.2014 – These the superhero trend is spilling over into television. Marvel has a knack of turning b-list characters into a popular one when it’s translated to the big screen.

There have already been nine successful films under Marvel and it continues to grow.

In television they are slowly experimenting and there have been successes too, but with every success there is failure.

Early this year they expand to produce more TV shows with Netflix bringing Iron Fist as one of the characters getting a new comic series. The latest series titled ‘Iron Fist Living Weapon’ re-introduces the character’s origin for new readers who are curios about Danny Rand-K’ai as this street hero that features a lot of martial arts action and mysticism.

Iron Fist was introduced during the pop culture trend of kung fu martial arts that have Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu in the 1970s.

Iron Fist first debut story of Daniel Rand was co-created by writer Roy Thomas with art by Gil Kane when he first appeared in the title ‘Marvel Premiere #15’ in May 1974. His origins would expand and becoming Luke Cage’s long time partner in the established series ‘Power Man’ until it was acknowledge and re-titled as ‘Power Man and Iron Fist’ which lasted in 1986.

In Iron Fist Living Weapon the characters goes back to its roots and at the same time finds himself in a thick of things dealing with enemies coming after him. The story and art is done by Kaare Kylie Andrews, which had a touch of Asian style influence. At the same time the comic book contains action packed panels that can be used as a screenplay if Marvel plans to produce a live action film. The first issue didn’t last in comic book shelves when it first came out in the first week of April.

Andrews’s artwork has some influences from Frank Miller in some key scenes, and makes Iron Fist appear to be not your average b-list hero. This time he flies solo dealing with his troubled past mostly what happened to him when he was ten at the same time taking down an army of ninjas with machine guns.

Finally Iron Fist gets an All-New Marvel NOW series featuring the mystical street hero, and he’s certainly getting a chance to get a spotlight for those who have heard about the new television series that’s coming out exclusively on Netflix.

Overall Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #1 is one of those titles that’s definitely a good read with great action and witty humor that is certainly a Marvel movie or television series waiting to happen. If you can put a Raccoon with a machine gun in a big budget film, why not a superhero that has mystical kung fu abilities?

Iron Fist: Living Weapon #1 published by Marvel is already out check your nearest local comic shop for availability!

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