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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Happy Meal Spotlight: Super Mario 3D World!

04.17.2014 – Late in March 2014 McDonald’s Philippines released their latest Happy Meal in the form of Super Mario 3D World, which is based on the Wii U game that has all your favorite Mario Bros. characters.

However the ones McDonald’s released doesn’t have everyone with the exception of Yoshi and Princess Peach in the line up that you need to collect all eight. These toys were released only in the Philippines while other neighboring countries settle for other toys.

Super Mario 3D World, the game for Nintendo’s Wii U was released sometime in November 2013. To accompany with that promotion McDonald’s in Japan released eight variations of Mario based from the game.

In Japan everything is all about quality than quantity, which is why the toys released for the Happy Meal in the Philippines is BIG. The smallest could probably Mario in the Penguin suit and the biggest was Mario punching the ‘Question Box’ that actually has the coin sound affects.

The ‘New’ Happy Meal Box Theme

Besides the release of the eight toys based from Super Mario 3D World McDonald’s in the Philippines released a new Happy Meal box with a Wild West motif. This is the fourth time they have changed their theme from the red box they introduced last September 2013. The second box had a Christmas theme which was followed by the LEGO colored Happy Meal box when they released those non-toy cups.

This time they go for a western theme which was first sighted to be given out with the latest Happy Meal at the McDonald’s store in Teindesitas. The box did not showed up in the other stores until early this month.

The box is similar to the previous releases with a different folding method to close it. This is the same Happy Meal box that is being given away at McDonald’s stores in Australia. When closing the box some reckless staff in a rush folds it in a rush not following the instructions. This leaves some customers unhappy with the box having damage corners or ripped sides that leaves kids not getting a decent one to take home and appreciate. This leaves in question why the Happy Meal box in Asia and Australia have to be different when it can follow the same pattern the North American release have.

Super Mario 3D World Toys

Mario with Question Block is the most sought after among the eight variations released for this month’s Happy Meal. It has a working sound when you slide Mario up to punch the box you the actual coins from the game. You may need to put this together upon opening as the ‘Question Box’ stickers need to be applied.

Besides having the iconic elements based from the game its details and sculpting of the Mario figurine is top notch. There’s a peg in his hat that you attach from the pole which slides for him to appear jumping to hit the box.

Mario with Pipe is the next collectible that’s big and carries a reference what makes previous games memorable. The gimmick for this one is simple you push down Mario inside the giant green pipe.

Underneath there’s a round part that the base platform hits springs out the famous Italian plumber. This is the second biggest Mario collectible that would immediately get sold out from the line up.

Mario with Goal Pole is an element of the game first seen in the original Super Mario Bros game for the Family Computer and Nintendo Entertainment System. Whenever completing a stage this is the last part you’ll see before going to the next one.

The Goal Pole actually works when you pull down Mario the flag raises up and this also doubles as a stamp pad that has the famous plumber’s face.

Penguin Mario from a far looks like a one-legged Italian plumber disguised as a penguin, but instead of an actual mammal in a tuxedo he comes in colored blue. The gimmick is simple he has wheels that make him appear to be running.

Boomerang Mario disguised as one of those turtles that’s armed with a boomerang. Mario has a throwing action gimmick when you pushed a button on his back. He appears more of an American football player than a turtle in disguise.

Fire Mario in his white shirt and brown jumpers appears to be running. The gimmick here is that after absorbing the fire flower the Italian plumber gets powered up. The figure stands on a platform that roles and fires disc cardboard with the flame art in it.

The discs attach in the middle of the platform when you free wheel the projectile spring inside launches the cardboard disc.

Yoshi is only the second character aside from Mario to make up the set of toys based from Super Mario 3D World. Like the Penguin Mario the famous baby dinosaur has a pullback gimmick to make him roll in a flat surface.

Peach in the US is known as Princess Toadstool which doesn’t sound too royalty. But over the years when they import Mario games she retains her real name.

The princess just appears to be static but turns out her gimmick is similar to Mario with Goal Pole which is a paper stamp. But unlike the flag riding Italian plumber Peach appears to be dancing when you roll the platform that has a small wheel underneath.

She has two stamp symbols when you roll the platform on paper at the same time Peach rotates standing on her platform.

Most wanted Super Mario 3D of the eight toys are the Mario with the ‘Question’ Block, Pipe, and Goal Pole which are popular and continues to be an element of the succeeding Mario Bros game past and future.

The rest are notable too but without the first three the collection will be incomplete to appreciate it for those who grew up playing the games in the past. These where not released in other Asian countries aside from Japan and some parts of South America in November 2013 and the Philippines is the first to bring it.

It may appear again in other regions and if you do see it don’t hesitate to grab the first three toys. Because Mario is as popular as Mickey Mouse now that the Super Mario 3D World is getting a second look playing it on the Wii U!

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  1. This wave of toys is like the despicable me toys which ran out of stock in a short period wherein it is supposedly 21 days. Some branches still have the complete set though and I was in a panic I heard that they will release new toys and I'm lacking 4 more toys. Thanks to the Manager in mcdonald's that they allowed me to buy the toys even if the promo is ended.

    And About the Happymeal Box , I remember the 1st box of happymeal I bought last year it was totally damage, The sides are like crampled papers... but as time goes by they are improving Little damage on the happy meal box