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Sunday, May 11, 2014

INS + Charlie Adlard: All Out War Zombie Bust!

05.11.2014 – When you talk about dedication and passion it shows when you actually adored what you do not because everyone was into it. For the team behind Imagine Nation Studios (INS) they will be defined by these words.

Their success is about hard work and being passionate for the things they enjoyed most. INS is Lawrence Aliwalas and Milchy Pe who enjoyed watching The Walking Dead television series and reading the comics, which made them produce this exclusive zombie bust…

They did not make just some random zombie bust. INS made ONLY TWO at 2 AM in the morning and got it done when the sun was almost up. They where like ‘the walking dead’ in the morning trying to catch up to see Charlie Adlard at Fully Booked late in the afternoon yesterday.

Lawrence and Milchy are toy designers for Imagine Nation Studios (INS) big fan of The Walking Dead both comic book and television series. Lawrence is the bigger fan making it possible to sculpt and mold the exclusive zombie bust based from “All Out War” cover of the graphic novel. Fresh from last Sunday’s VADER BOY art toy launch collaboration of Secret Fresh their next ‘unofficial’ project was the zombie bust.

There are only TWO zombie bust produced which by now Lawrence plans to make a third one for a friend. This is the first and exclusive zombie bust that was also given to Charlie Adlard who was excited holding it up in the air. His reaction is like winning an Oscar trophy in the form of brain-eating undead creature.

When asked if he would show it to Robert Kirkman answered a ‘yes’ with a mischievous smirk. For Lawrence and Milchy who are fans of the show was nothing more rewarding both have not slept since putting this together.

The VERY exclusive ‘All Out War’ Zombie Bust appears like the one of the cover. Certainly Mr. Adlard had bloody good time showing off the undead creature.

Imagine Nation Studios (INS) established in 2008 is a group of sculptures, graphic designers, and makers of 3D art. For more about their portfolio and previous creations LIKE Imagine Nation Studios on Facebook!

Special acknowledgements to Fully Booked for bringing Charlie Adlard and to find out more events LIKE Fully Booked on Facebook and follow on Twitter at: @_fullybooked

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