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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Movie Review: X-Men Days of Future Past!

05.20.2014 – X-Men Days of Future Past might be the best film of its franchise since X2: X-Men United (2003) and seventh installment in the film series, which includes X-Men Origins: Wolverine and its sequel The Wolverine.

This also includes X-Men: First Class which was thought the redemption film of the franchise.

But things gets better from there when Bryan Singer finally returns to the director chair for Days of Future Past and everything is not the same.

The lowest point of the franchise was X3: The Last Stand (2006), where Singer left to also change another franchise. Bryan Singer is not familiar with the word “change” when he did direct Superman Returns in favor of coming back for a third X-Men film. What he did with Superman you will see how he does it with X-Men even better.

There are a lot of things you might not notice in the teaser and full trailers, which have enticed your anticipation wanting to see this film. It can be something that suited your curiosity, but here are those things that made this latest film sweet.

X-Men Trilogy and First Class United

To change the future you must reach back to the past what made X-Men interesting and relevant again. This might be Marvel’s oldest film franchise since 2000 (if you don’t count Blade on the list since it ended with Blade Trinity) prior to starting their own studio that continued putting up films since Last Stand.

You got the best actors from the original X-Men trilogy and the franchise’s saving grace in First Class that re-ignited the brand slowly back to being relevant again. You need both key elements of the past and present (or future as where it was set) characters, which Bryan Singer has wisely put together to make this film something of his own kind of redemption for leaving in the first place.

It’s not another Wolverine film

Believe it or not James “Logan” Howlett is not your main hero though you’ve seen him in that psychedelic theatrical poster as the primary character. You’ve got to give some sort of credit that the Wolverine was the other X-Men related film that kept this franchise going prior to First Class. If you’ve seen the Days of Future Past trailers he’s the one who is holding the spotlight.

Hugh Jackman in another best performance along with Jennifer Lawrence, Peter Dinklage, James McAvoy, Patrick Stewart, Michael Fassbender, and Ian McKellan made this film not just a one-sided Wolverine affair, but a team of talented individuals as its moving parts which made this one of the most successful film in the franchise.

Quicksilver, the Breakout Speedster

Peter/Piatro Maximoff might the newest favorite mutant in the live action films. Not because being a “new” character introduced, but when you talk about speedsters 2014 might be the year where this mutant and a meta-human garb in scarlet takes center stage before this year ends.

Besides being a part of the latest X-Men film expect more of Quicksilver to appear in Marvel’s own team film in 2015. Evan Peters certainly had a break out film for this character and like in those trailers he’s faster than you think. He appeared with Colossus and Mystique in a burger commercial.

Quicksilver might be your favorite speedster by now as being build up as the breakout character that elevated Days of Future Past further to everyone’s interest. Though his appearance takes inspiration from its comic book counterpart, Peter Maximoff had his moment and it’s in this film.

The Redemption Film

Overall X-Men Days of Future Past is not as spectacular or defined as the “game changer” in the franchise to hold the best superhero film this year. Captain America: The Winter Soldier might be the one that holds this title (not until Guardians of the Galaxy comes out on August 1,2014), but still takes pride as one of the films to watch way better than The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

The actors have aged and the characters where dark, but at the end of the day this film has redeemed itself from X3: The Last Stand. Just like Bryan Singer changing the Superman films this time around he changes the X-Men franchise and also redeemed himself as the director who handled the first two films.

X-Men Days of Future Past graded A- or rated 8 out of 10.

NOTE: Do not leave the cinema until they show the post-credit scene which will taker you to the next X-Men film in 2016.

X-Men Days of Future Past to be shown in Philippine cinemas on May 21, 2014 from 20th Century Fox available in 2D & 3D to be distributed locally by Warner Bros. International Pictures.

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