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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Batman Day: 75 Years of the Dark Knight!

07.27.2014 – Batman has been the iconic figure for DC Comics and celebrates its 75th anniversary as created by Bob Kane with Bill Finger. For more than seven decades he’s everyone’s all-time favorite superhero with no special abilities.

All of the world everyone raves about Batman and other heroes have been inspired by the character that fights in the shadows. There have been various iterations adapted in all forms of media from animation to live action films. Saturday was a celebration for fans who lined up as they show their passion for the Dark Knight.

If you grow up having Batman your favorite superhero you’re not alone. The world celebrates its 75th anniversary with Comic Odyssey and Fully Booked teaming up once again to bring that celebration to fans in the Philippines.

The usual ‘Free Comic Book Day’ experience is carried over to Batman Day on an early Saturday morning, but not as wild and outrageously insane as FCBD just a few bat fans has been spotted forming the line at the back entrance of the Fully Booked flagship store. There’s nothing like Batman who first appeared in Detective Comics #27 back in 1939 when a young Bob Kane with Bill Finger was unaware how their creation has become an iconic figure globally.

Known as the cape crusader transcends generations young and old inspired by being the only hero in the Justice League to be human, but have the abilities none of his super powered counterparts have. The event is a celebration bringing fans together as Fully Booked hands out free Batman comics to fans.

There’s an area you can also see local artists have your sketches and Comic Odyssey having a special promo for this event. There are also collectible exhibits where you can not only comic book fans taking part of this celebration, but also passionate Batman-related collectors too giving you a look of the Dark Knight in its various appearances throughout the years.

Random individuals went out their way to celebrate Batman by dressing up from shirt wearing to in full costume you can see how big the fandom has become honouring the greatest detective in DC Comics lore. You can’t miss a single boy or girl lined up showing their bat fashion to the public and Saturday was definitely a fun filled event that lasted through the late afternoon.

Certainly Batman has become a symbol to fans who adore someone dressed as a fly rat, but certainly his rogues’ gallery won’t approve of it but who cares? It’s Batman Day and he’s here to blow 75 candles and eat it. If you missed it guess what? This is not going to be last event moving forward.

Batman Day is here to stay and so are the continuing adventures in comic books, animation and movies, you just wait there’s more where that came from. For now celebrate seventy five years of the bat as the signal will be there all night.

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