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Monday, July 28, 2014

Happy Batman Day!

Fans of all ages line up at Fully Booked hours before they open the doors for Batman Day.
Most people retire at 60 but at 75 our favorite caped crusader, the only Dark 
Knight recognized and loved by generations is on full throttle with a new movie up in the works, with none other than his buddy Superman. (Even if fans are still at odds with former Daredevil Ben Affleck wearing the famous cape and cowl), a new origin series Gotham from Fox is also on the way, with Bruno Heller on the helm (it's on my watch list). In 75 years Batman has been immortalized in all sorts and forms of media, from series, television series, publishing and merchandise and this has allowed him to be discovered and loved by generations who have looked up to a very human superhero (not an alien, not a god) but an ordinary guy who drew strength from a tragedy and faced his fears to fight evil and seek justice as The Dark Knight.    

Batman Fans UNITE!
Comic Odyssey along with Fully Booked this milestone through Batman Day! Branches of Comic Odyssey gave away copies of the special edition of Detective Comics #27 where Bat-man (as he was then known) made his first appearance in March 30, 1939 and the rest was history. 

Along with the special edition Detective Comics #27 Batman 75th Anniversary shirts were also given away to the first 75 people in line (unfortunately we didn't make it though T_T) 

Additional comics were also given to people dressed in Batman shirts. 

We arrived at Fully Booked at around 9AM last Saturday, July 26, not sure of what to expect but when we got there, there was a long way already at the back of Fully Booked, with fans of different ages and sizes showing their love for the caped crusader. When I said I didn't know what to expect, I really meant it since I was both surprised and pleased to see whole families come to the event, Dads and Moms with their children all dressed up in Batman attire. 

When the doors opened we were ushered in beautiful Batman sets, the special edition comics were given away but aside from that Comic Odyssey also had a special sale on amazing items in their store. 

Local artists were also present to draw and sketch your favorite Batman moments, there was even a super cool Batman collection of different toys and merchandise from Anna Gajudo. There was even a Best Batman Voice Impersonation going around.   

Anna Gajudo with her Batman collection.
There are only a few heroes who can touch generations as Batman has and at the rate that he his going Batman will surely be here for another 75 years and when that time comes it will be our children and our grandchildren who will be enthralled with the cape crusader just as their parents and grandparents were years before. 

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