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Monday, August 11, 2014

See Rocket Raccoon & Groot in Philippine Cinemas!

08.11.2014 – The Guardians of the Galaxy continue to break records and becoming the most memorable Marvel film to date sure you've seen it more than once. For those fans that have been clamoring for Groot & Rocket Raccoon but can’t afford the opportunity to own any collectible don't worry.

If you happen to be catching the film again might as well make the trip to SM Megamall’s SM Cinema you might find these two greeting you. A good photo with these two characters is enough proof you’re excited to see the sequel in 2017.

Because SM Cinemas is gracious enough to push the films popularity further they decided to put a life size Rocket Raccoon and sort of half of Groot at one of their cinema lobbies. The replica doesn’t say if it’s an official release from Marvel or SM Cinema has commissioned to produce a replica of these two characters based from the blockbuster hit in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Having a photo opportunity with these two will stamped your movie watching credentials that you have enjoyed seeing the film. If you haven’t seen these replica statues greeting you at the SM Cinema here’s what they exactly look like…

“Guardians of the Galaxy” is now playing in all cinemas in the Philippines from Marvel Entertainment and Walt Disney Studios which is locally distributed by Columbia Pictures!

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