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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Happy Meal 2015: Tom & Jerry Cook-Off Collection!

01.10.2015 – Tom & Jerry is one of those classic cartoons that never get old. In fact they keep coming back for more fresh like they are always new. They are like Scooby Doo and other classic contemporaries that they still continue to entertain a younger audience.

For McDonald’s this might not be the first time Tom & Jerry gets featured on Happy Meal for the Philippine market. Japan had these as their Happy Meal toys sometime in June 2014. But for those who are fans this is new to them!

If you happen to be done with the Penguins of Madagascar during the Christmas season then you must be aching for a new Happy Meal, while Australia is just getting their own versions of Penguins of Madagascar the Philippines is having Tom & Jerry for January and the first week of February.

In fact you get to collect all eight of them in one go if you’re that hungry for a Burger McDo with fries on the side plus an orange ding everything is a go. The Tom & Jerry Happy Meal is not toy based entirely, but they are utensils for kids as the sub name of the set is “Tom & Jerry’s Cook-Off Collection.” This pretty much sums up what the entire Happy Meal toy to start 2015 in the Philippines as the image is shown as well as the one displayed in one of the McDonald’s stores in Metro Manila:

It’s not much as popular with the younger generation but for those who have seen the classic cartoons growing up this might be some nostalgia. Being the original cat and mouse team there’s enough fun for the kids and kid at heart to collect all eight.

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