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Friday, January 9, 2015

Avengers NOW: Ant-Man #1!

01.09.2015 – Everyone has a favorite Ant-Man, but the most popular one is Hank Pym who created the technology called Pym Particles. He of course also created the maniacal android named Ultron who almost single handedly destroyed the Avengers.

Of course both characters will be in the spotlight this year namely Ant-Man and Ultron in their live action films. Ultron will definitely be the one to look out for when Avengers: Age of Ultron hits cinemas some time in May, while Ant-Man will be in the big screen this July.

While everyone is waiting for both films to come out most fan sites and geek-related blogs are dicing up images and clips about to what to expect.

For Marvel it’s obvious they’re building up the hype of these films through their publishing side. The influence on medium can’t be ignored that it affects both side of print and film as well as television (with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) Most notably is Ant-Man the original founder of the Avengers and creator of maniacal Ultron.

There have been several Ant-Men who worn the bubble-type helmet and is the most popular one is Hank Pym (portrayed by Michael Douglas in the live-action film), but the spotlight won’t be entirely on him when the film comes out it would be Scott Lang (Anchor Man’s Paul Rudd). Going back to the publication Marvel has released a new Ant-Man series, which features Scott Lang and it’s obvious that the House of Ideas is building up this C-List character for sometime. He has been the leader of the Fantastic Four along with She-Hulk, Medusa, and new character Miss Thing (wearing a suit of armor and described by Matt Fraction who wrote the series as a, "Lohan-esque celebutante blonde") which lasted until early 2014.

But let’s get focused on Scott Lang, the man doesn’t have a smooth resume to be called a superhero. He’s actually some random thief who stole the Ant-Man technology from Hank Pym himself because there was a reason to and it’s not about the greed. Like all single parents there are desperate times just are with their children. It happens in real life but not for the bad things though this comic book not being perfect conveyed that message about being a parent to a broken family.

Scott Lang is not a perfect father or event being a good husband things just happen and out his desperation he’s trying to find his way to make things better for his only daughter Cassie Lang. This narrative has been told before in several issues after his first cameo appearance in Avengers #181 (Vol.1, March 1979) and as Ant-Man where he stole the technology in Marvel Premier #47 (April 1979).

But in this first issue it tells more stories of Scott Lang after he left the Fantastic Four (See Marvel NOW cancelled issue) and how he desperately needed a big break and in the middle of this he has to deal with domestic issues with his ex-wife and child custody for his daughter Cassie.

Plus you get to see the Tony Stark, the Superior Iron-Man who can’t control his hands with a reformed super-villain. But the narrative written Nick Spencer is quite as interesting as anticipating the live action film directed by Peyton Reed. Ramon Rosanas definitely gives this series a fresh look from the previous Ant-Man series and the dialogue was interesting as well as the details of each page. There were several variant covers that includes a “Shrinking” variant cover that anyone hardly seen, but the one Skottie Young is quite spot-on how Ant-Man is portrayed which is cute and funny in so many levels without the need of overly detailed background. You only need a magnifying glass to find out what Ant-Man has to say about this cover.

Overall Ant-Man #1 is not entirely action filled book, but the narrative about reality as a single parent quite a reality to those struggling with this kind of life. And yes Mark Brooks regular cover is great too with that new costume design.

RATED: 3.5 Out of 5 Stars

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