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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sights & Highlights: The Age of Ultron Event!

04.22.2015 – Today is the opening of Avengers: Age of Ultron, but the fun never ends here as there will be more promotions related to Marvel’s most popular superhero team. Last Monday was just the beginning of bigger things for the fans.

The exclusive Avengers Age of Ultron Experience at The Block in SM North Edsa is filled with marvellous fun that was revealed with activities for everyone. If you missed it the details of the launch has given more details than Nick Fury’s toolbox!

Marvelous event did not open until the program started and brought in the executives representing SM Lifestyle Entertainment Inc. and Walt Disney Asia to talk about their partnership in promoting the next instalment from the House of Ideas. It was cordoned off before everyone had a chance to see what’s inside this huge area that the Avengers have been occupying in the past few days.

Avengers in Full Force

If the day was not enough for a mall going public you won’t miss this area passing through the section of The Block where statues based from the characters for the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron stood there for you to see.

Every adult who have read the comic books would feel like six year olds gaping jaw seeing their beloved characters from Marvel’s premiere super hero team. Not in everyone’s mind that this thing would become the biggest franchise to bring continuity in each instalment of its successful films.

Not since Iron Man a once little known film that would change the movie industry to the core and shake up the long time competition with its rival publication. Not since the time where these comic books where known as funnies rather than the current respected term as graphic novels.

The Marvel Age

In less than a few days the Avengers will return bigger than ever before from the genius of Joss Whedon and the original cast that brought the first Avengers and became a worldwide billion dollar phenomenon.

Back at the press launch to open The Avengers Age of Ultro Experience to the public you see the mainstream crowd funnel in the area to get a glimpse of the heroes Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and other Marvelites created back when comic books are known only for the kids. But now it’s everyone’s film and this includes those kids who grew up reading the four colored titles.

For those who have known these characters long before they became the image of Robert Downey Jr or Scarlett Johansson it’s quite a big thing for long time fans. Those who would cash in to collect the toys and wear their images are definitely enjoying the moment and this is not the end but just the beginning for bigger things.

Experience It Here

At this age its great time to support Marvel or even become a Walt Disney fan as this is just one realm that comic book fans are savoring right now. The interest does not end here and so is this exhibit that would cater to the whole family.

This event is meant for everyone this includes the charity SM Super Malls are supporting which includes the ChildHaus Foundation, where the kids and adults who are undergoing treatment was given the chance to be first to see his exhibit. To uplift and inspire them through their struggles with cancer, which is a better time to for them have hope and the courage that they really need now.

For those who might want to have a photo with their favorite Marvel characters this exhibit will be here all weekend from April 24 to 26, 2015 and if you have tickets from SM Cinema that includes IMAX and Director’s Club Cinema you might get the chance to have the opportunity for the meet and greet event.

Of course the exhibit won’t be exclusive to the ticket holders it’s open to everyone and it’s definitely be free. For more hardcore Marvel fans this event is not the last but more will be happening and Ant-Man is not far behind.

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