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Thursday, September 17, 2015

APCC Manila 2015: Five Things & More to See!

09.17.2015 – There are more than ways to have the best fan experience at the Asia Pop Comicon and it begins with your support to the local and foreign artists that made this event happen in the first place and continue that to the next show to come.

The first day is always the eruption of excitement for those first time attendees who has never went to any international fan conventions. There’s a lot to go around but here are a few things you should be excited about the very first APCC Manila!

For years the Philippines have several successful conventions, but not entirely the convention you have heard of in other countries. But Asia Pop Comicon is changing the Philippine convention landscape how things has been full formed in getting that fan experience that only few have travelled to experience it.

But besides the highlighted guests the event have more than just a fair share of what the fandom should experience and here are a few of those to see at this year’s Asia Pop Comicon in Manila!

That Talking Gorilla Head

You want to see a talking gorilla? Or you want to pose with the creatures from Aliens, Predator, and other movie properties that you might have seen in cinemas. ADI’s founders Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff Jr. is present at the exhibit area featuring these creatures that you thought impossible.

The creatures on exhibit are detailed and life-like, but the center of attention upon looking at the display is the gorilla head attached to computers and two controllers that blinks and talks random dialogue. This pertaining gorilla was seen in the film Zoo Keeper and both founders at ADI is present showing you how animatronics are one of the special effects in bringing these creatures to life.

Inside the Hulkbuster

If you want to have your photos taken using Tony Stark’s Hulkbuster then you must head to Comicave Studios to have that experience. All you need to have that photo opportunity is purchase an exclusive shirt from Comicave worth PhP 250.00 pesos and you’ll be able to take control of this full scale Iron Man suit.

Be Like ‘The Hoff ‘in Knight Rider

You got to be a child of the 1980s to have heard or seen Knight Rider. It was airing Wednesday nights in the Philippines featuring David Hasselhofff as Michael Knight with his trust modified talking Trans AM. the Knight Industries Two Thousand known as K.I.T.T. (voiced by Anthony Daniels) surely you want the chance at the driver seat, but don’t push the Turbo boost!

Revisit Your Star Wars Memory

This is considered the ‘Year of the Star Wars’ and its less than 100 days before ‘The Force Awakens’ you’ll notice that the theme for Asia Pop Comicon is the galaxy from far away and if you want to share your first Star Wars film head down to the #MyStarWarsMemory booth as Valerie will interview you as they compile these videos that will be aired on Disney Channel Asia and you get to take home a ‘Star Wars The Force Awakens’ mini-poster!

Meet the Guests at APCC Manila

The fan convention experience won’t be spectacular during this weekend if you there are no guests. They are mostly the highlight for the reason international conventions are different from the one in the Philippines.

If you’re not into the hobby collecting and casually know some of the personalities that are appearing at Asia Pop Comicon certainly the guest area is the best place to meet them. Well aside from the Hollywood actors that are going to grace the event this weekend. Truly APCC Manila is going to be the best event to be right now.

Bonus: Exclusives and a Lot More

This might be the place for you to go this weekend and for every fan there are a lot of places to go to at APCC Manila. But there are also exclusives for the hobbyist out there too from building Gundam model kits to take home, Design Your Own Trucks at Tomica, Hot Toys exclusives, and one-of-a kind Art Collectibles certainly you’ll not going home empty handed.

So what are you sitting there and having second thoughts? Get off that computer and head down to the World Trade Center in Pasay City to be part of APCC Manila!

Asia Pop Comicon Manila is happening on September 17-20, 2015 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City. For more about this event LIKE APCC Manila on Facebook, follow on Instagram, and on Twitter at: @AsiaPopComicon

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