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Monday, January 11, 2016

Dream Tomica: Snoopy School Bus!

01.11.2016 - “Snoopy and Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie” is already out in Philippine cinemas, and the merchandise related to the film like the character tumblers from Snack Time is already available not including the Happy Meal Toys.

But for long time readers of Charles M. Schulz’s timeless comic strips has been into Snoopy collectibles. These are the ones not related to the animated feature one example is the diecast cars by Takara Tomy’s Dream Tomica licensed vehicles…

For those who can’t get enough with the collectible characters tumblers or the Happy Meal toys these diecast cars are mid-level collectors territory. Dream Tomica is part of the Tomica diecast collectible cars with specific license to produce vehicles based from animation, comic books, movies, television and videogames.

The Snoopy School Bus is part of that particular line and the vehicle is partially fictional version of the real school bus. But since it doesn’t have any brand markings it’s basically a school bus based on the comic strip featuring The Peanuts characters.

Too Cool for School

Snoopy School Bus was original released in 2012 numbered 154 along with the Snoopy Car based on the famed Beagle’s head. There have already variants of this casting that featured Snoopy’s Sister Belle and the School Bus that featured all the female characters from The Peanuts comic strip.

The Snoopy Car had a third variation which is based on Snoopy’s other personality, the Flying Ace which makes its 3D animated appearance in the new film. But this car version had minor changes having Snoopy wearing ‘Flying Ace’ helmet unlike the one that’s a straight repaint of Belle with minor running changes on the roof. The School Bus however is not based from the new animated film, but its close enough to see The Peanuts characters in it.

Peanuts Passengers

The School Bus appears to be driven by Snoopy with Woodstock and his companions. The passengers on the driver side with Snoopy have Sally, Linus, and Schroeder while the other side have Lucy and Charlie Brown.

Tomica certainly casted its body inspired by the art style of the great Sparky, which is entirely diecast while the chassis is made of plastic. The underside details show the name of the vehicle and other markings including the country where it’s manufactured, which is made in Vietnam.

This is more popular than the Snoopy car having several characters in one vehicle, but you can’t ignore not getting that and the School Bus. The details on this transport vehicle certainly will give you time to stare at the passengers. Though it doesn’t have everyone in it, but Tomica made sure to produce an all-female version in pink.

“Snoopy School Bus” “Snoopy School Bus” is numbered 154 and was re-released with no difference, where the running change is that they removed the box number. It’s manufactured by Takara Tomy under the Dream Tomica line and was retailed at PhP 299.75 pesos ($ 6.70 US) in the Philippine distributed by Ban Kee Toys!

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