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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Dream Tomica: Snoopy!

12.13.2014 – Snoopy and the Peanuts gang are headed to the big screen in 2015. To celebrate the coolness of Joe Cool himself we take a closer look at some licensed collectibles featuring the gang in toy form and they definitely teamed up!

Takara Tomy’s diecast line Tomica cars has been around and recently they expanded their line of cars featuring licensed characters from various properties. This includes Snoopy and the Peanuts gang which released two cars that has the Snoopy Mobile!

Yes, Snoopy has a car made from his beagle image and the other is the School Bus featuring almost the entire Peanuts gang heading to school. But let’s focus on the iconic image of Snoopy in the form a car, which was originally released under the Dream Tomica line in 2012.

The car was reissued along with the School Bus in the following years. The more popular of the two is actually the School Bus, and there was little love for the Snoopy car than depicts the famous beagle’s image. But despite the School Bus’ popularity you can’t avoid the iconic look of the Snoopy car in his entire beagle shaped glory.

Four Wheel Pooch

The Snoopy car can immediately be seen in the Dream Tomica acrylic display due to its iconic appearance from the black dotted nose and its red bumper with his name to the colors that made this beagle popular. The clear windows and curvey shape of the vehicle can be immediately identified.

Though it may appear the Snoopy car may have lack of details regarding the rims of its tires you can’t simply avoid its look. Snoopy is a well known character in the Peanuts universe created by Sparky himself aka Charles M. Schulz first appearing in a comic strip on October 4, 1950 as Charlie Brown’s pet.

Mr. Joe Cool Rolls

From a four legged pooch to the popular beagle everyone has seen. Snoopy rose from just being Charlie Brown’s pet as a minor character in the 1950s to the well loved face of the Peanuts gang who’s wild imaginations depicts him as a “World War One Flying Ace.” But in the form of a four wheel car it certainly defines Snoopy more than just a diecast metal and the Tomica line definitely got it right.

It might not appear as exciting as the School Bus full of Peanuts gang, but a car shaped like Snoopy is something worth a second look. Even Tomica released a version of this car with slight retooling as his sister Belle.

The overall iconic look of the Snoopy car is enough for long time Peanuts gang to swoop in and take this four wheel beagle as a priority. You can’t own the School Bus without Snoopy and he’s “Joe Cool” rolling like a boss.

Snoopy car is part of the Dream Tomica line of licensed cars under the Tomica diecast car line manufactured by Takara Tomy. It’s locally distributed in the Philippines by Ban Kee Trading retails at PhP 299.75 pesos ($ 6.70 US).

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